March 25, 2004

I hate basketball. The stupid tourneys are on, so they cancelled CSI. I am disgusted. CSI is my favorite show...I watch both of them. They are the only shows that I go out of my way to see.

Basketball is fun to play, but oh so boring to watch. A bunch of people run from one end to the other and bounce & throw the ball around. I know there's more to it, but that's what it's like to sit like a lump and have it spoon fed to you under glass.

Did see a very interesting show about Okie Noodling the other night. Fascinating shit. These guys swim around in rivers and lakes and poke thier arms down inside holes underwater to find these giant catfish. The catfish bite their hands and the guys grab them by the gills and haul them out. These are 45-55 pound catfish - 4 feet long. Tears up their knuckles & arms & they're all like "the thrill of the hunt!!!" Good ole boys who have fewer teeth than they do grams of tabacky crammed in their cheeks...I was intrigued by the whole thing.

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