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March 02, 2004

Today, I discovered that those insane creatures that are featured on the national Quiznos advertisements are on their website! www.quiznos.com There is even a free screen saver you can download! I installed it immediately, of course!

I screen captured a few shots of them, too, for some jolly photoshop fun! :p
Sure wish I could share but I'm not paying for this thing. Maybe some time...

I don't understand my obsession with these little creatures, but they get me very excited. It's kind of sick. They look like dead hampsters or guinea pigs with mutated mouths and eyes fused onto them...and the voices. You just have to check them out for yourselves. I wish they would post something on there about what the hell they are supposed to be and what their story is! maybe i'll e-mail them and ask.


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