March 31, 2004

Mocha Report

This is the second day without my morning Mocha from Friedrichs. I am happy whitel somewhat bewildered to report that I am feeling dandy. No woozie sickie feeling.

What in the world has happened to my wonderful, loyal friend the 2 shot iced 2% chocolaty cafe mocha? My buddies Red Bull and French Vanilla Cappuccino are staying true so it is not a caffeine thing, but it is starting to look like my Mocha is deceiving me.

I'll have to inquire with Friedrichs...perhaps they changed the beans or **gasp** switched to sugar free chocolate! THAT could be it because I feel like I do when I accidentally get some aspartame in my system - headache, dizzy, fatigued...hmmm.

Maybe Starbucks is taking defectors...

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