March 30, 2004

Slave Descendants File $1 Billion Reparations Suit

This makes me sick. Just about every group of people had horrible things done to their ancestors by someone else, but you don't see everyone seeking "reparations" (MONEY) because of it.

I am a direct descendent of Irish ancestors who came to America during the potatoe famine. They were discriminated against and persecuted because they were Irish scum and could not get a job because they had an Irish name. As a result, they ended up CHANGING their name beacuse of this (O'Neil became Neil). Check out the film "far and away" if you want a little taste of what it was like for these people. You don't see me whining about it and wanting someone else to be responsible.

How about the atrocities that were committed by the Catholic crusaders who plowed through Ireland and "coverted" the pagans to Christianity whether they liked it or not? They burned, raped and pillaged, killing many of them who would not convert - all in the name of their God. Convert or's that for a convincing strategy? Shall I seek reparations from the Catholic Church for what they did to my Irish Pagan ancestors?

You have your freedom now (to a limited extent - just as much as everyone else in this troubled country). Grow up people and move on!

I am not a racist or prejudiced person. I believe in EQUALITY of all peoples...My white skin makes me no better than any black, asian, indian, or any other person.

The thing that enrages me, however, is when a minority expects special treatment just because their ______ (insert female, black, asian, gay, etc. here). I certainly don't expect any special treatment because I am a woman! I feel that things like the Miss Black America pageant or the United Negro College Fund are racist and based on double standards. There would be hell to pay if there were a Miss White America or a United Caucasian College Fund, wouldn't there?

Now...let's all get a long and treat eachother respectfully and equally now, shall we?

(...shoving soap box back under desk...)

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