July 13, 2005

Hell Yeah

Had a good night last night. Since Chris knew what a foul mood I was in and how stressed I was feeling, he had dinner going and the wee one picked up already when I got off work. He even folded the monstrous basket of laundry I had waiting for me. Ahhhh...

So, I could just chill when I got home, and chill I did. We ate dinner and then went to the pool. A couple of hours of paddling around and going down the water slide will do wonders for a stressed out soul.

I tell you, though, watching that video I linked a couple of times after yesterdays post did wonders. Such a funny video. Check it out. (Click "Break Stuff" - 2nd Column, 3rd down). It's Limp Bizkit. That song expresses, in a lot of ways, how I was feeling yesterday.

You know, seems like everyone now a days is dissing on Limp Bizkit but I don't care. I still like them. It's probably because of the time that I hung out with them back stage at a concert.

I have no idea what year it was (96 maybe?), but they were just starting to become pretty popular. I saw them at a local venue, and Chris and I just blew past the guard at the backstage entrance stating that we were with the Def Tones, who were also playing that night. We watched Mancow go into a storage room to get blow jobs from about 3 different chicks (ew), and hung out with the Def Tones and their crew while Limp Bizkit was on stage. They were awesome! They came off stage, and Fred Durst flopped down on the couch right next to me. Well, Hello! I told him they fucking rocked & he thanked me. Introductions followed and we hung out with he and the band and smoked a lot of pot. Their pot, even. heh heh. They were totally cool and funny to hang out with. I even got to explore Fred's tattoos and pick out which ones I liked best. :) Good times.

So, I watched Rock Star INXS last night. Curiosity got the best of me. I have to say, a few of the performers really did rock. I liked the blond guy the best. He wasn't too over the top, had a great voice and knew how to work the crowd. I find it very interesting that INXS is seeking to replace Michael Hutchence in this manner.

I guess this kind of thing is what bands do anyway to hire someone, but they're just making it into a televised contest. Clever really - a good way to get their music back into the limelight after so long. Publicity is always a good thing.

INSX was one of my favorite bands and I used to have a monsterous crush on Michael Hutchence. He was passionate, he was an incredibly powerful performer, he had an incredible voice and presence. He was awesome. I was so saddened when I heard that he died in '97. They said it was suicide, but there are many theories that his death was an accident - autoerotic asphyxiation gone horribly wrong. It was a tragedy, regardless.

Wow, that could take me to the wrong side of where I want to go today. Chin up, girl - remember where you want your mind to be and remember Michael for the bright points in his life! I guess my point is that whoever wins this contest (the show, that is) has incredibly large shoes to fill.

I've been doing a lot of comtemplating of the circular nature of my emotions and moods - the fluxuation between highs and lows and the trips between the two. I think I've decided that it's ok - it's how it's supposed to be. Maybe the extremes are a bit much, but it's really how life is.

I have noticed that everything a person does is in a circle and that is because the power of the world always works in circles - everything tries to be round. The sky is round and the earth is round like a ball and so are the stars. The wind in its greatest power whirls. Birds make nests in circles. Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing and always come back again to where they were. The life of a human is a circle from childhood to childbirth and so it is in everything where power moves.

Cast a circle, draw in the power, ground yourself and live life to the fullest. Hell yeah.


  1. I agree about circles.... I've been running in circles for years... I keep coming back to the beginning...

  2. Yug... didn't know they were trying to replace MH... that's just wrong and dastardly. INXS will never be INXS without him. They should change their name to NOXS.

    And yes, lovely lady, life is a big ol' circle ain't it? Wanna do something that'll perk you up? Get up outta your chair and twirl yourself around. I swear to dog it works. (I usually go back to the conference room and dance around the table). 'Fact, think I'll go do that right now.

  3. As far as INXS trying to replace Michael Hutchence by way of a reality show, I don't really know that it's a good idea. I remember what I've read about Velvet Revolver trying to come up with a good lead singer, and that ended by having one of the premier rock leads come free at the right time. I'm wondering how pleased the band's going to be with the person they're going to be committed to.

    As far as replacing any band member in bands nationally known, there's a lot of bands where it's worked out so well that they're as popular as ever. I feel that any band who stands the test of time should be open to personnel changes, done carefully.

  4. I've been watching the show. Lots of good singers, but I don't know if any of them are right. First of all, I'm not sure a female singer would work right in the band. I don't know how some of their older matherial will go over. Suicide Blonde sung by a woman? And I wasn't overly impressed with the guys. Again, some great voices, but I'm not sure the style fits right. Can you imagine a guy with a mohawk fronting the band? This is INXS? We'll see how it turns out.

  5. Actually, until I read this, I saw circles as abad thing. Sorta like a dog chasing its tail. I now have a different opinion. Thanks sweetie!! Hugs! Glad your feeling better.

  6. Woo hoo....to sounding (typing) more upbeat today!!

  7. ((((Sunbeam)))) - that is all! ;)

  8. That is sooo freakin cool that you hung out with Limp Bizkit!!

    I got sucked into Rock Star INXS too, I never watch TV but was at a friends house who had it on. I admit...we got sucked in. I totally agree with the chick they booted! In my opinion, this will just be a new and different band. I don't think I could associate or call them INXS because without Michael...it really isn't.

  9. The new band they will call INXS will have it's own sound, but it may be alright in the end. Only time will tell. I think that's the way we'll hire our next staff member at work. We'll do a "reality" show to select teh best candidate.

    Should be good for a laugh.

    I'm glad you got a handle on reality today. I used to have one too but it broke off.

  10. Me and some mates talked for a while about forming an INXS tribute band we were gonna call 2XS, but decided in the end that Hutchence was untouchable. Durst is a maniac of the first order and I'd love to shoot the breeze with him. Good times for you, there!

    It's a good power you have there, to draw up that energy from your past when you need it. Seems you found your own damn magic wand!

    Yay for Chris, by the way. :D

  11. so running around in circles is a GOOD thing? :op

    I watched that show too last night (and the night before), it's kinda cool! It's like a rock 'n' roll American Idol. I was never a big Dave Navarro fan (meaning, his looks), but damn that guy is seriously sexy in some sort of weird way.

  12. I like Jordis the best, I think btw :op

  13. I second the hell yeah!
    So does Fred have a cowbell tattooed anywhere on his body? You know I always need more cowbell. ;)
    Lois Lane

  14. hmmmmm...quite thought provoking. I wonder which side of the circle I'm on right now? I feel like I'm on the high side but I guess only time will tell.

    Boatloads of boosmooches coming at ya girlie.

  15. Denny - congrats! :p I don't know about running in circles and I doubt you play baby. lol

    Cootera - yep, can't you believe it? He can't be replaced, but they do need a singer. NOXS - LOL! I got a really fun mental image of you dancing around that table! :D

    Serra - I'm sure the deal is conditional on their satisfaction. Talk about pressure! Sheesh! Oh, I agree about the potential for changes working - I just wish they didn't need a replacement.

    Vince - I think the reason I liked the blond guy is that I thought he was the most like Michael. You're right, though...as good as some of the girls are, I think it would just be wierd. I didn't care for mohawk guy.

    Muse - I'm glad to have helped turn around a negative impression! :) Hugs!

    Mike - woo hoo, indeed!

    awww, {{seamus}} :p

  16. Sharron - they were way cool. I agreed, too. I think you're right.

    Pete - It very well may be - they are a talented group of guys. Good idea! ;p I'm holding on to that handle with white knuckles. lol

    Owl - 2xs is a good name. like a size but one that doesn't exist. He is a maniac - I love that in a person. Perhaps I have found the wand - magic is everywhere. Yay for Chris, indeed! :)

    Vicki - depends on the reason or goal of the running. Are you chasing something? ;) Navarro is sexy in a creepy kind of way. lol I didn't catch the names.

    Lois - I didn't see any cowbell, but I didn't ask him to take his pants off. LOL

    Boo - I was waxing philisophical. pffft! lol I would say you're towards the top. :) *smooch*

  17. Yeah, the INXS thing sounds pretty tacky - next up New Order decide to reform Joy Division and cast for the next Ian Curtis.

    I always thought Durst was the archetypal rock asshole - glad you had fun with him, maybe I was wrong. Though at their best (Rearranged, Boiler) they were awesome.

  18. This has been on my mind for the last couple of days. I can't remember who wrote the song, but the chorus goes something like this (forgive me if I'm not 100% accurate),
    "The wheels, they go 'round and 'round. Painted ponies go up and down. We stuck upon the carousel of time--you can't return, you can only look behind from where you came, and go 'round and 'round in the circle game."

    I bet Seamus knows this song. He might be able to tell you the author.


  19. I saw INXS live once.
    Awesome concert!

    Don't Change was aways my favorite song by them.

    Tried to call you swetie.
    Where ya been?

    Got a message from V.

  20. Hell Yeah!! Gretchen Wilson is sexy as hell. I love that song.

  21. So slide over here, and give me a moment, you moves are so raw... I've got to let you (I've got to let you know....) You're one of my kind...

  22. Cali - We'll see how it goes, I suppose. ...and if they last.
    You know, I think I may have met Durst before his head swelled to abnormal size. I don't know - he was totally cool that night, anyway.

    Jennifer - thanks!

    Aimee - Hmmm...don't think I know that song. Seamus? Imagine, though, us thinking along the same lines!? shocking! lol

    Tricia - awww, I wanted to see them so badly! Never had the chance. You never answer when I try to call back! ('cept last night. :)) V needs to call ME!

    JP - um....who's Gretchen? sorry!

    Inanna - THAT is my fave INXS song! There's something about you, girl, that makes me sweat! woo hoo! You're one of my kind, indeed! ;)

  23. There is no replacement for Michael Hutchence... that man was so freakin sexy.

    Good observation about the circles... roundness is connected with life. I see my belly getting rounder and rounder every day. ;)