July 05, 2005

What I Learned This Weekend

If you decorate your go-kart real patriotic-like, the cops will not only not mess with you, they will ask for rides.

8 1/2 Hours at an amusement park with a 4 year old is exhausting!

It's really hard to get a picture of a child on a fast-moving ride.

Those little "snake" things that you set on fire and watch burn are lame.

A 1/2 full beer will sit on the hood of a car for a long time while driving around town. It can also cause intense giggling.

Firemen throw more candy if you whistle at them.

Nipple rings really do enhance stimulation.

White Russians are the best.drink.ever.

It is not wise to try to paint ones toenails in a moving car while drunk.

Bratwurst floats.

Pavement and elbows are not friends.

The cleavage is a great place to carry your cell phone when a. you have no pockets or purse and b. the band is too loud for you to hear it ring (vibrate).

There are a lot of white people living in Somalia.

Morning glory sparklers smoke a LOT more than the regular ones. *cough*

Banana Boat sunscreen turns a small child into greased lightening.

Obi Wan Kenobi cannot swim but C3PO can.

Wire haired Jack Russell Terriers shed...a lot.

It is wise to lean your head against the safety harness thing when ripping around corners on a rollercoaster so as not to smack the side of your head on it due to G forces. Ow.

Flag poles make great launchers for bottle rockets.

People can get really pissy after being drunk for over 8 hours.

The best place for a tattoo is the cleavage. :)


  1. Many of these finding are wise...but if the person in question was drunk...will they remember them in the future? ('Cept of course the author...obviously had to remember 'em to post em.....lol)

  2. Well it seemed you learned a lot more than I did this weekend! lol

  3. Nipple rings and phones in the cleavage all causing stimulation. Sounds like a great weekend! And tatooed cleavage besides!

    Also, 8 1/2 hours with a 4 year old is exhausting period. Let alone at the amusement park. Oh, and those snakes are cool for all of about a minute.

    So where are the pics of the toenails?

  4. I think someone had WAY too much fun this weekend. (Yeah I'm jealous. So what?)

    Glad you all made it out with great stories! =)

  5. Mike - The person in question was drunk but still remembers. LOL

    Denny - Learning is fun! :p

    Vince - I should clarify that they were not my nipple rings, but it was/is my cleavage. ;)
    Pictures coming - can't get them to DL at work. Gah!

    JustMe - Nope - just the right amount. We had a blast. Wish you were there!

  6. damn. you had a hell of a weekend!

  7. LMAO!! You had a far more exciting weekend than I did, thats for sure. ;)

  8. Now this tattoo thing, you mean at the top of the cleavage right? If your tattoo is too low, your cute little unicorn tattoo will later on in life become a Horned giraffe!

  9. The best place for a tattoo is the cleavage. :) ???????????????

    I want cleavage tats too!

    Then we can play I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

  10. I love the photos! Sounds like a great time and a wonderful "learning experience" ;)
    Lois Lane

  11. I would love to know how all that ties together! Great pics!!

  12. Hmmm, speaking of tattooed cleavage, don't you have a picture of my tattoo somewhere? I mean, didn't you take one in KC specifically for your tattoo blog?

    Glad you're awake and feeling ok today. (Hahahaha!)


  13. Mmmmmmmmm firemen, police, MEN IN UNIFORM - Yeah Baby YEAH!!! :) Was there something else you mentioned? ;)

  14. wow, what a learning experience for you!!

    Love the new tattoo too!! it looks good on you! woohoo!! ;) hot stuff *ssssssst*~!!!


  15. another thing learned (by car full of drunk idiots): be sure all the roman candle charges have left the tube BEFORE you pull it back into the car! After they shot into the garden there was no way I was giving them a fire extinguisher - heh! heh! How will they explain that to the insurance company! =)

  16. Derek - it was, indeed. Wordy bastard. lol

    Julie - Indeed! :)

    Muse - It was a good one. Hope yours was, too.

    Rainy - Picture is now up, sweets. It's no unicord & no worries about stretchage. LOL

    Tricia - Yup. I've shown you mine now, where's yours? ;p

    Lois - More photos up now! :) Yes, it was.

    Inanna - I'll have to tell you all about it. lol

    Aimee - someone else took it, but I remember seeing it. I'll have to search all those e-mails. I didn't put it up because it was too blurry. I'll shoot ya when I'm out there & we'll have a "special feature." lol
    No hangovers for me, remember? xoxox

    Vicki - ha ha ha ha! Lots of men in uniforms - with candy. heh *drool*

    Se7en - indeed! Thanks! *blush*

    Seamus - was that at your house? Pyromaniacal Dorks! ;p

  17. GORGEOUS tat, Celti! Sounds like you had enough weekend for a couple months--GOOD FOR YOU!

  18. Even when I'm not drunk while painting my nails, they turn out crappy. I've given up, I go to the professionals now.

    And how bad did it hurt to get a tat on your breastbone??? Day-um, girl!

  19. If I had a go cart like that, my life would be significantly better.

    Nice cleavage. And tattoo! ;)

  20. Wow...a fun AND educational weekend. Just doesn't get any better than that. Well, if you mix in steamy sex maybe. *snivker*

  21. Fun and educational! Great pics!!

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