February 19, 2006

...And you may ask yourself, well...how did I get here?

I've been having a bit of a case of "bloggers cramp" lately. It's eternally frustrating because it's quite rare that I have little to say. I've just been so busy with work that having time to sit and think about a post or what to write has been a challenge.

I have been doing this here blog thing for almost 2 years. In fact, March 1st will be my second bloggiversary. Unbelievable.

My sweet, mischievous Owl posted last with tidbits about why he blogs. Of course, I don't think I've really broached that subject, although I know I've touched on it a few times.

I got a job about three years ago that allowed me to browse the 'net if I had all my work done, so I was browsing about, searching for topics that interest me. I ran across a blog - I believe it was Frilly. She was funny & sassy, and I was intriuged by how she managed to post her journal on-line. I followed some of her links, most notably Bitter Little Man and I was hooked. He rants about everything, pretty much. He has an absolutely horrible attitude and it's fucking hilarious. I also found, as I jumped links, Celestial Blue. CB, whom I still consider to be one of my best blog buddies, is witty, intelligent, and socially conscious...and she's cute, too. This cool canuck was the first one I really started exchaging comments with, and she encouraged me early on to keep it up and people would start reading me. She's awesome and she inspired me to start my own.

Over the past two years, I think blogging has helped me tremendously. It's helped me work out issues (OH, yes, I have issues. lol) It's allowed me to meet and develop friendships with so many awesome people, people with whom my path would have never crossed has I not explored this world, and it's allowed me to work on my writing skills, create a documentation of my life and many of the stories I might forget as it goes along, and it's been a tremedously valuable source of information.

This is my 504th post on this blog. There are also a few other blogs that I post to. I've spurted out poetry, poured out my heart about the things that stir me most deeply, ranted about issues that make me crazy, blathered on about my wonderful son as any mother should be expected to do, bared my flesh for all to judge me by, bared my soul. I have to do it - it all has to have an outlet and you are my audience, my therapy group, my circle of friends.

Anyway, this seems to be coming out as quite sappy so I'll wrap it up. All of you that come here are important to me. I really don't think I could/would give up this blogging thing. Why would I want to? I appreciate you all coming along and I hope you enjoy the ride.


And you may ask yourself
Where does this highway go?
And you may ask yourself
Am I right? ...am I wrong?
And you may tell yourself
My god!...what have I done?


  1. No matter how you got here... I'm sure glad you did :)

  2. I've only been doing this a little over a year and I enjoy it. I've met fun people like you... I enjoy reading blogs, even if they're not in my interest range. People are just interesting.

    Thanks for blogging! ;)

  3. Funny...I actually recall our 1st exchange.....lol

  4. Very nice blog and congratulations. I have been posting for almost two years also.

  5. Blogging has changed my life, and you've been a part of that. So, thanks.

  6. To quote another musical lyric--"What a long, strange trip it's been..."

    And I'm happy to be along for the ride. You're an inspiration and a good friend, and I'm thankful that a comment on someone else's blog led me over here. Take a break if you need one, but don't vanish! We need more voices like yours on the 'net!

  7. Jennifer - Thanks, so am I. :)

    Denny - People are, indeed, interesting. You too!

    Mike - I know you do. LOL *blush*

    Cootera - What have you DONE? lol

    Madie - Welcome and thanks. :)

    Nanner - Thank YOU.

    Spc - Oh, yes it has. Thank you so much. Was it Tricia's or Vaders? Don't remember. :)