February 27, 2006


It's a good thing that I am the type that needs to keep my mind busy. That need is certainly being fulfilled lately.

I just found out that the D-man has a spot for kindergarten in the school we want him to go to. It is a great new school that has a different approach than traditional public schools - project based and experience based learning. Their philosophy is wonderful and, given the D-mans independent and creative nature, I think it will give him the opportunities he needs to really soar. It is difficult to get a place in these schools as they are open to the entire district and there is great demand for the limited number of spaces available for students. I have been working on getting him into this school now for the last two years. I am SO relieved and excited.

Our dog, Lexi, is missing. One of Chris' friends accidentally let her out Friday night, and she took off. This has happened a few times and she always comes right back. This time she didn't. We drove around the neighborhood & couldn't find her. Well, we've looked many times this weekend and have asked around, and there is no sign of her. So, today I get to go to the city dog shelter at lunch to see if she's in jail there. Ug.

I have a horrible stomach ache. I have no idea why, but it's getting worse as the day goes along. Shit.

I made a necklace and earrings for my mother-in-law's birthday that I'm very pleased with (...and it's very nice to be able to make cool gifts when you're flat broke. lol). I haven't done much beading lately, and this has given me the itch to dive back into it.

ta da!

We didn't get to go see Goblet of Fire at the IMAX this weekend because it was all sold out. Poo. I guess I'm going to have to get on the ball early this week to get tickets for next weekend. I'm in the middle of reading Goblet of Fire right now, and it will be interesting to see it again with the new perspective of having read the book. I've been having a lot of Harry Potter dreams. It's quite amusing.

I saw Pitch Black for the first time this weekend. Yeah, I know...it's old. I loved it and I can really see me getting into this series. I've already seen Chronicles of Riddick (loved it, too) and, of course, there's Vin Diesel. Rrrrrowr! Damn, he's fine. Heh

Oooh, I just got an e-mail notice that I am the winner of the Super Powerball Lottery Program in England. I need to contact this nice lady who e-mailed me about it so that I can claim my share of the $40,000,000 prize. I'd better get on it. ;)

UPDATE 2:40 pm:
Lexi is home. The stinkpot got picked up by the dog catcher and was in jail. BOY, was she happy to see me. I went back and identified her (as she wiggled, jumped & whined) and when we left the room to go back up to do the paperwork, she howled like crazy. $96.50 later, she is very happy to be out of there. Next time she runs off, damnit...well...hopefully there won't be a next time. damn.


  1. Hope you find your dog. Your stomach probably hurts because of the stress. Your necklace is lovely. I do jewelry making, too, and recently got involved in making bracelets from the handles of old silverware. Very fun and creative. Good luck with your dog!

  2. Whew! Glad Lexi was in jail... it's safe there, y'know. Must be a dog kind of day, though. Gus has been sick (read: explosive diarrhea) so today I took a stool sample to the vet; he's got clastridium, so after work tonight I get to go pick up meds for him. Hope it's not too pricey; heck, I just had him to the vet on Tuesday for shot updates and whatnots. I am so ready for a beer...

  3. That $96.00 is a mere drop in the bucket once you collect your $40 mil... ;)

  4. Good news with Lexi! A small price to pay for the love they give. I'm thinking that there's something up the animals know about--Mela, our older kitty, has been anxious and not her usual chipper self the past few days, and she keeps climbing furniture that she know's she's not supposed to climb--like book cases and our piano.

    GOF is worth the wait, but you'd better hurry, as it comes out on DVD next Tuesday! It seriously rocks!

    FYI, there's a big Gem, Mineral and Bead show here in Cinci this weekend--anything I should keep an eye out for for ya?

  5. I loved Pitch Black. That was one of my fav. movies that year... back in the 20th Century ;)

  6. That's an expensive run-away you had there...hope it doesn't happen again...and congrats on getting the son into the school you wanted...sounds like it'll be great for him.

  7. $96!!!! Bad dog no biscuit.
    The jewelry came out fabulous.

    I'm still wearing my barettes from last summmer.

  8. Vickie - she's been found! You're probably right about the stomach. It's fine today. thank you!

    Cootera - Yeah, I was relieved to find her there. I was so worried! Oh, poor Gussie! Did he finally stop exploding? ewww

    Denny - no doubt! lol

    Spc - I know, but we don't have ANY extra $, so that hurt, damn it. I wonder if you're right. Oh yes, I heard about the release date and I WILL have that DVD. OOh...danger. I do need some good silver plated wrapping wire if you see some. About a .5 mm guage would be perfect. thanks!

    Michael - HEY, now! It came out in 2000 so that was THIS century. lol

    Mike - indeed! I'm so happy about the school, can't even convey it here. thanks!

    Boo - well, I'm a sucker, so she did get treats. I hope she thinks twice about running off again, though. Learned her lesson, perhaps. stinker. Thanks - so glad you like your barrettes!