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February 16, 2006

HNT v2.16 - Ancient Skin

Pulled a couple out of the archives for you today, peeps.

It's yours truly checking out a 3000 year old Egyptian mummy. Ancient things like this have always fascinated me, and this mummy's home burned away many, many hours of my time exploring. It's in the Louvre in Paris. I had a pass that allowed me free entry unlimited times, any time. I went there often and still never saw everything. Of course, I spent most of my time in the Egyptian Antiquities and Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities sections. I was especiallly drawn to the sculptures as well, endlessly fascinated by how the artists could transform a chunk of rock into something so detailed and beautiful.

Although the Louvre was superb, nothing compared to the real thing. While I was living in Europe, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Greece with my friend Loukia, a genuine Athenian. Since Loukia had a lot of things to do related to her school work, I spent a lot of time exploring ruins and museums on my own. I could easily go back there an spend months. Unfortunately, since I was alone a lot of the time, I don't have many pictures.

This is on the Isle of Hydra, I believe, or maybe Spetses. We were waiting for the hydrofoil to pick us up to go to the next island. If given my choice of any vacation I want, I would go back to Greece in a heartbeat. Ela mazi mou!

Oh, and happy HNT!


At February 16, 2006 11:18 am, Blogger sydwynd said...

I loved hanging out in Europe, England most.

I've been in art museums and I get burned out after about an hour or so. You go into sensory overload when you look at art for too long and your brain shuts down. Never got a chance to go to Greece. That would have been cool.

At February 16, 2006 5:22 pm, Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I got spend several hours one day at the British Museum, and I never got out of the Egyptian section. Gotta love the Rosetta Stone.

At February 16, 2006 7:42 pm, Blogger Boobabe said...

I would love to explore Europe. Maybe someday. These pics are great.
Happy HNT

At February 16, 2006 8:30 pm, Blogger spcknght said...

Alas, all my excursions have been limited to this hemisphere, but I'd love to cruise the Aegean some day.

Neat "time-warp-twist" on HNT!

At February 16, 2006 8:46 pm, Blogger The Persian said...

I love those pics!! I've been to Paris twice and have yet to hit the Louvre. Really enjoyed reading that.

Happy HNT!

At February 16, 2006 8:47 pm, Blogger spcknght said...

Oh, I forgot to ask...did you see this?

At February 17, 2006 2:10 am, Blogger Tricia said...


I love ya babe.
Looks like you have been quite the adventure chica.

At February 17, 2006 6:35 am, Blogger Brighton said...

Love Greece, just beautiful!

At February 17, 2006 6:53 am, Blogger Denny Shane said...

Ruins are my passion, but you already know that....

At February 17, 2006 8:33 am, Blogger Cootera said...

What fun! I, too, love museums... I had an internship at the Putnam Museum (in Davenport) when I was in college, working on the NAGPRA project. In my spare time, I'd always go to the Egyptian room and check out the mummy they had there.

And I wanna go to Greece **whine, whine**. Alas, next March I'll just have to settle for Spain.

At February 17, 2006 10:28 am, Blogger Celti said...

Vince - England was cool, but I only had a few days there. I know what you mean about the overload - that's why I went back to the Louvre so often!

Coyote - ooooh, yes. Nice.

Boo - I'll be your tour guide, if you like! :)

Spc - The Aegean is wonderful. thanks!

PGuy - thanks! If you go to Paris again, set aside a whole day for it. It's a must-see.

Spc - OMG! I loved his response.

Tricia - as much as I could be! Love ya, too.

Brighton - it IS!

Denny - I told you you'd like it. :D

Cootera - what a cool internship! Mummies are fascinating. Ooh, Spain is SO close!


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