February 07, 2006

Thought for the Day

"Imagine we are all the same. Imagine we agree about politics, religion and morality. Imagine we like the same types of music, art, food and coffee. Imagine we all look alike. Sound boring? Differences need not divide us. Embrace diversity. Dignity is everyone's human right." - Bill Brummel, Documentary Filmmaker


  1. Yeah. Agreed.
    And ya know..the first part of that post descibes communism pretty well....and we ll know how that turned out.
    Go team China!!

  2. The only problem I see is that I would end up having sex with someone that looked like me. Wait, that didn't sound right. lol

  3. Its true that diversity is a great thing. But I still get annoyed with conservatives, republicans, and religious nuts.

  4. It sounds so easy when you put it that way... but I'm with Coyote Mike up there. ;)

  5. I've always felt that people are people. You judge someone on who they are and what they do, not on race, gender, sleeping partner, or whatever. Saints are saints regardless of the body they occupy. Assholes are the same way.

  6. Sounds painfully boring, but probably peaceful at least.

  7. It's a beautiful idea, but it would require people to not care about others. Quit being nosy and pitching in where you have no business.......most folks would explode if they couldn't feel superior to someone!

    And the tabloid sales woudl stop cold. Crazy!

  8. I would be miserable in a world like that.

  9. John Lennon wrote about this too!

  10. It's sad. Most humans are broken.

    I don't think we need to agree on things to be able to get along. It's not black and white like that and it amazes me people can't understand that.

  11. Some peeps you can tell with one look that there's no way you're gonna embrace them! hehe Screw that!

    Have fun at your blogger met!


  12. So, um, whar'd ya blow off to, matey? You're missin' HNT and all.

  13. Jamie - Although quite utopian, it's a nice thought. You goof. lol

    Denny - ewww, scary! lol

    Coyote - well, sure. :)

    E-Lo - yep...sounds being the key word.

    Vince - me too. Exactly!

    Miss Jay - oh, it would be VERY boring.

    Pete - Good point! Oooh, poor tabloids. lol

    Innana - so would I.

    Mike - I believe you're right.

    Pup - indeed, they are. I wish more people understood that.

    Se7en - heh - no kidding!

    Cootera - been workin' my patootie off! Yesterday consisted of taking D to the Dr and a haircut, then to school, then taking lunch to Chris, then working until 7, coming home, watching lost and passing out! Plus, I have a little bit of bloggers cramp, going on. poo