February 12, 2005


Ahhh...a fresh, new skin. Not quite so gloom & doom (sorry, Sid), a bit more upbeat. I dig it.

It still needs some work. I was going for more of a cobalt for the background. This is a bit bright. I also have a problem with the sidebar, right in the middle, wanting to start centering which is forcing the rest of the stuff to the bottom. Can't figure out why it's doing that. I also need to fix my box corners.

But...so far so good.

Any suggestions any of you might have on how to remedy these issues would be very much appreciated!


  1. I like it! What a cutie Derrick is, btw...

  2. Good new look, esp. with the crosses along the side. I can barely hold my page together, so I'm no help, but good work on your part!

  3. looking good! glad to help hon and hope ya keep feelin' better!


  4. Oh, I have no idea how to make changes, but I do like what you've done with the place. Much easier on the ojos. ;)

    How you doing, Hon?

  5. Pretty new template!

    But are you back to blogger comments, or are you gonna get haloscan or something?

    Not that I mind, they totally upgraded their comments thingy...

    I love this template, tho, verrrry nice, verrrry you!

  6. i like it too. i'm trying to remember exactly how i extended my margins... i think i just messed with the numbers and hit "preview" and if it didnt' do anything i'd just hit "clear changes" and try somewhere different.

  7. very cool. change is good, no? I know when I changed my template recently it injected new life into my blog.

  8. Varla, Jennifer, Trash, Omega - thanks!

    Seven - you were a huge help! Thanks!

    Aimee - thanks! I'm much better. How about you?

    Jamie - thanks! I want to go back to my old comments (CommentThis) but haven't been able to get them to work. I'm working on it.

    Sid - that's how I accomplished a lot of this stuff. lol

    CB - yes, change is very good. It was time.