February 18, 2005

Short Attention Span Friday

These Dreams
I’ve been having some very vivid dreams lately. Some very strange, some quite pleasant, some surprisingly erotic. Makes me think of one of my favorite lyrics (when I wake the things I dreampt about you last night make me blush). In the past, I haven’t been too good about recalling my dreams, but I’ve found that jotting down a few notes when I first wake up brings the memories back quite easily.

The last dream I recall was very weird. I was thrown in some kind of prison (I have no idea why) that was made out of an old run down bar or restaurant. There were booths and such, but all of the windows were barred and we were all locked in there. There were no cells to separate anyone, so we were all in one big room together.

There were all kinds of nasty looking characters in there. There were men and women, some with clothes, some partially clothed and some naked. When they shoved me in the door, they took my shirt and bra so all I had on was pants. It was quite disturbing with all of the seedy characters ogling my “assets.”

Pup says that it was all about the fact that I need to go topless more. Yeaaaahhhh…

Another dream a few nights ago involved the sweet and lovely Varla. I get the impression that we were in San Francisco, and we were dancing in this cool club. We danced and danced, getting all hot and sweaty, so we went outside for some fresh air. When we stepped outside, we were greeted by a nice, soft, warm rain. Varla and I could hear the music quite well outside so we continued dancing in the rain. It felt wonderful, powerful and liberating. Analyze that! *snicker*

Where is my Yang?
I think I’m still searching for the Yang to my Yin. You know, that person who just fits you like a glove? I had a relationship, a long time ago, that was like that. We would curl up on the couch (or whatever) together, our bodies completely entwined like celtic knotwork (maybe that’s why I like that so much…), my face buried in the crook of his neck and I would just breathe him in. It felt like we melted into one and it was one of the most wonderful feelings I have ever experienced. Pure bliss. I haven’t had that feeling for a long time and I miss it desperately. I feel like I’m still searching. Will I ever be able to stop searching?

Tsunami Unburies 7th Century City in India
Out of the tragedy comes an archeological miracle – the force of the waves changed the coastline so significantly that they uncovered what is believed to be an ancient city and parts of a temple. There is talk that the structures could be part of the legendary seven pagodas. Complete story here.

Vroom Vroom
Don’t you just love seeing little old ladies driving fancy sports cars? Saw one today. It always makes me smile. Go, granny, go!


  1. Yay for topless Celti!

    That's really interesting about the new temple that was found. I hope they dig up some doomsday device or something....


    I just like saying that.

  2. Cool. I didn't know about that (the temple stuff) Thanks!
    As for your Yang. I don't know if you'll ever stop searching... but I hope you do find it!