February 03, 2005


I had the wierdest dream last night! I was in this nasty old trashed out house, and it was full of people. I assume we were stranded there, as there was snow piled up to the windows outside and everyone seemed to be milling around aimlessly. I went down to the basement to look for a place to get away from everyone, and it was a mess - junk, dead bodies and body parts everywhere and about a foot of flood water on the floor. So I went back upstairs and didn't seem upset about that at all. I was so tired - got the impression that I hadn't slept for days, so I was desperate to find a place to sleep. The only place for me to sleep was on this large coffee table with this other guy. We curled up under some blankets, and I snuggled up to him for warmth. It was actually really nice, considering the circumstances. Then I realized that the man I was snuggling up to was Ron, a childhood friend and neighbor of mine who was killed by his father in a hunting accident when we were twelve (in real life)! WTF?

Someone joked earlier with me about giving up my first born son for something. I said that, actually, I would rather give up my left arm. It got me thinking - if I were presented with no other choice than to give up my son or an arm, I would give the arm without hesitation. Wouldn't you?

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