February 10, 2005

Just Shoot Me

Honestly, this has been a week from the burning pits of hell. I'm not even going to go into it. it just hasn't been nice. I am still at home, still sick, having spent what seems like hundreds on prescriptions and over the counter remedies and I am still miserable.

My throat feels like a thousand little gnomes are in there mining for who knows what with their razor sharp little pick axes. My doctor, today, finally prescribed some lidocaine syrup to gargle with to relieve the pain. Pfffft! That shit is some of the worst tasting nastiness I've ever put into my mouth! The result? Worth it? Hell, no. My throat still hurts, but now my tongue and lips are numb. YAY.

Chris fell off the wagon the night before last. I got up from my nap and came into the computer room. Soon, I noticed an open bottle of coke under the desk - not a good idea - it could get kicked over. I picked it up and instinctively sniffed it - it wreaked of whisky. Yeah. We discussed it and he said he got it because of his back pain - he threw his back out last week and it still isn't good. I think there's more to it than that. He confessed that he hated AA and didn't want to go back, that he was completely turned off by it. I just told him that he needs to keep his priorities in mind and that I WILL not put up with him getting drunk and mistreating D and I. I will not. We'll see how it goes, I suppose.

I've been working on my new template and it just isn't looking right. I'm about to just let Seven take the reigns and run with it as I'm getting tired of fussing with it. I don't know. Maybe it's just because I've been trying to work on it while I'm sick. My attitude sucks. Maybe I'll put up what I've got and take a poll on what you all think. You'll have to be honest with me.

Derrick has been wonderful through all of this, though, so I bought him a nice surprise today - one of those books with the sound buttons that you push for effects during the story. He loves those. He's been such a good boy. I love my little man more than anything else in this world. Now there is a postive note I can always look to.

Another positive is Aimee - my evil twin. She came through her surgery just fine, and I talked with her last night. She sounded good and very positive. It is a good thing they took care of this now as I'd hate to think of what may have happened had that blood filled tube burst. Eeek! I can't tell you how wonderful Aimee has been for my life these last several months. I don't know what I would have done with out her. We're seriously going to have to do something about closing this mileage gap between us - it just isn't right. I'm perfectly open to the idea of getting the hell out of Iowa. Nor Cal? Why not? What an interesting thing to contemplate. It would also make it so much easier to stalk Michael. D'Oh! tee hee

Well, I think I'll be going back to work tomorrow. I can just imagine the lovely pile that has accumulated on my desk. Yay. My back up doesn't make things purty like I do, so they save things up for me while I'm gone. Gotta love 'em. At least it will be Friday.

On second thought...no, please don't shoot me. Life is looking up.

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