February 07, 2005

No Fair...

...you nasty bugs ganging up on a girl like that! I am sick. Ug.

Yesterday, my throat started out feeling like the Sahara and began to hurt more and more throughout the day. By last night, it felt like a thousand needles piercing me every time I swallowed.

After a fitful night of trying not to swallow too often, head ache, stomach ache, chills, sweating, I awoke to a horrible stomach ache on top of all these things. I called in sick to work and called the Dr. office to make an appointment. I was thinking strep, but couldn't explain all the other unusual symptoms that usually don't accompany strep.

Then it started - the vomiting. I woke up from a nap 1/2 hour before my appointment, and into the bathroom I went, unloading all the contents of my poor knotted stomach. Then again. I drove myself to the doctor only to spend my waiting moments in the lobby bathroom unloading once more.

To make a long story short, I have a raging case of Strep Throat accompanied by a flu-like virus. After unloading again in the lobby bathroom on my way out, I went to fetch my antibiotics and codeine for the throat pain.

Just took my pills about 1/2 hour ago with some 7up and crackers. Hopefully I can hold them down. So far so good.

So, I'll be home tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel up to being on-line since I spent the majority of today sleeping. I'm working on a new template, so maybe I can get that done.

Hope you all are feeling well!

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