August 22, 2005

...and Now, the Rest of the Story

(Cheese alert - who can name where that title came from?)

Behind the other mugshots from Friday and other miscellaneous crap. Woot!

On the left, we have Mr. Midget Porn. Since you usually can't anticipate an arrest for drunk driving, a motorist does not have the luxury of planning a wardrobe for the mug shot session. Floridian Jon Matteson, who in July 2005 pleaded no contest to a reckless driving count, knows all about that predicament. The 28-year-old was wearing a rather distinctive t-shirt when he posed for the below Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office mug shot following his December 2004 DUI arrest. I'm sure Matteson was more appropriately attired in Circuit Court, when he was sentenced to a year's probation, fined $775, and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.

On the right, meet Eric Rogers. This classic shot was plucked from the files of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Division of Community Corrections. Rogers, 23, had been arrested for public drunkenness and was booked into the Kentucky lockup a couple of years ago (he has since been nabbed for several other minor offenses). It appears that Rogers's booze arrest was somehow connected to a raucous party at the University of Kentucky, a bash that might have seen Rogers meet up with a can of white paint. Since the paint report remains to be confirmed, we'd like to believe that poor Rogers found himself on the business end of a tasty meringue confection.

This delicate flower of a lady, however, has no story listed to accompany her lovely photographs. Sad. I must say that I would most likely be inclined to give a similar performance if I found myself in her shoes. You go, girl! lol

I did, however, find another wonderful gem while I was searching for her story. It's Tommy Lee after having been arrested for "assault and inciting a riot with ethnic animosity" (the alleged crimes occurred during a concert). It's a doozie, but my image host has decided to take a crap, so I'll just link it for you here, dangit. The man has got to be higher than a freakin' kite in the pic. lol

My Initiation as a Soccer Mom

We had a kickoff party Saturday for the D man's soccer team. I scored quite a haul of soccer equipment for him at the equipment exchange they had (2 shorts, socks, shoes and shin guards. woot!). The party was at the aquatic center, so it wasn't very effective for getting to know anyone. We swam the whole time, and the D man was thrilled to go down the water slide by himself for the first (and second, and third...and ninety-ninth) time. I hung out at the bottom and caught him each time.

First soccer practice for the team of 4 year olds: Wednesday night
First game for the team of 4 year olds: Saturday

Tomorrow (hopefully) I damn near got myself killed three times.


  1. Woo hoo....1st one here....and thanks for the followup

  2. Celti's a soccer mom, Celti's a soccer mom, na na na na na... Gonna have to get yerself a Windstar or somethin'...

  3. oh.....yes....I forgot....Paul Harvey...and the rest of the

  4. Being an ex soccer dad myself, you are in for a really interesting ride... unfortunately it invovles screaming kids.

  5. I played soccer as a teen. Great fun. I love watching the little guys play. Enjoy these times!

  6. I think you need this:

  7. Fantastic, thanks for the follow-up.
    Did your near-death experience(s) result in any mugshots?

  8. When I get arrested, I hope I'm wearing my I Heart Celtic Porn t-shirt.

    Hell, I WANT that shirt.

  9. Mike - you're welcome, mister firsty.

    Cootera - I've resigned myself to the reality. I'll stick with my sedan, though, thanks. lol

    Mike - ding ding ding! Winna!

    Denny - "don't make me pull this bus over!" lol

    Vince - I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it.

    Pat - very cute!

    Outburst - I was curious myself. No mugshots for Celti - I'm proud to say that I've never been arrested. *knocks on wood*

    Michael - ha ha ha ha! That would be awesome. Coincidentally, someone found my blog this morning with a good search for "naked celtic girl". lol

  10. Ha! Just watch how you deal with the "Moms" on the other team...or you could end up giving the 1 finger salute to the mug photog. ;)

  11. Good gravy lady! NO! Don't be a soccer mom! They scare me. LOL!
    I love the little lady in the mug shots!
    Lois Lane

  12. Seamus - Nah, there'll be no problems with that. I tend to steer clear of those kinds of politics. My "volunteer" job is to work on the website. :)

    Lois - I'm a non-conformist soccer mom. lol