August 02, 2005


It is like a crystal wine glass. You dip your finger in the wine to get it moist then glide it along the rim slowly as you listen to the pitch of the glass and the vibrations build under the administration of your digit. It slowly grows in volume. The crystal shudders more intensly with each rotation until finally the lattices within can no longer remain bonded. The intense energy finally tears the molecules apart and the once stoic glass shatters into tens of thousands of tiny shards.


  1. How very cool! Sounds almost sexual. Where do you get this stuff? A totally cool mood in only a few words. Extraordinary.

  2. Wow! Who knew that smashing a wine glass could be so hot! Intense indeed.

  3. Celti girl,

    You got some didn't you! Actually I thought of broken hearts before I thought of orgasms, but either one will leave you shattered in the end!

  4. Fascinating and so many angles and places I could take that.

  5. Wanna hear something funny? As I was reading that, I found myself circling the page with my mouse cursor. Hahahaha! Oy, I'm such a dork...

  6. My mind was totally in the gutter and my heart and soul was thinking back to a short but magical time. *sigh*

  7. That clinches it. The internet is full fo wonder I feel at home.

  8. Vince - thanks! It can be interpreted in many different ways - I like that about it.

    Cali - hee hee.

    Vicki - thanks!

    Jenn - ummm... *blush*
    Yeah, shattered is right.

    Inanna - yup. :)

    Mike - lol

    Aimee - very interesting!'re no dork. ;)

    Boo - in the gutter? surely not! LOL *sigh*

    Pete - ha ha ha ha ha! You've got that right. lol

    Brighton - mmmm hmmm. :)