August 15, 2005


*sigh* It's Monday. Yep.

Got to bed fairly late last night only to be roused shortly after falling out by noise from D's room. He puked all over his bed. yay. This was about 12:30. I cleaned him up & cleaned up his bed. He then wanted to crawl in bed with Mommy since his tummy hurt so, after asking him several times if he was sure he was done vomiting, I let him. Well, after about an hour or so, he threw up all over our bed, too. Damn. I whisked him off the the bathroom & cleaned him up while Chris cleaned up the bed. I am happy to report that his little tummy was empty after that.

Gawd, I hate puke. It was all I could do not to join him. ug.

Needless to say, it was quite a short night. I let D sleep until he woke up on his own. He wouldn't eat anything, and I didn't want to take him in to preschool if he couldn't hold down food. So, I entertained myself by washing all of the pukey blankets, pillows and sheets while he watched cartoons. Finally, about 10 or so, he asked for some cereal which he held down just fine. It was off to school after that. It must have been some kind of short-lived little bug. Sheesh!

So, if that's how my week started out, it can only get better. *rolls eyes*


  1. Ack! Not a fun way to start the week at all!! I, too, am a little sleep-deprived, but my boss is on vacation so that makes it ok. Well, that and I didn't have to deal with any puke...

  2. Ewww...

    Glad his tummy ran out of puke and he's back eating again.

    Hope it gets better!

  3. ick.

    I did that...Puked all over myself in bed when I was 5 or 6...

    That sucks so much.

  4. Ah, yes. I, too, was in charge of cleaning up "stomach ailments" when the boys were young. The wife can't handle it. Never any fun.

    Glad he feels better.

  5. My gag reflex is too strong for me to handle other people's puke, even the kids. I just add to it. Oh, God, even the thought of it is making me bleugh!

    Hope D is better now!

  6. Celti girl that reminded my of the time David ate to much junk at the fair and puked in the car projecting it right onto my head and down the back of my shirt. I had to hang my head out the window and I dry heaved all the way home. Man I am not cut out for motherhood!

    Hope your Dman is doing better!

  7. Poor "D".

    Nothing worse than a barfy bed in the middle of the night. The week has got to get better.

  8. Here's to hoping for a much less eventful night for ya....and week as

  9. Glad D is feeling better! Maybe the week will turn around! =)

  10. Cootera - Ack, indeed! Boss on vacation - woo hoo!

    Pup - Don't cha want one? lol

    Derek - it did suck something serious.

    Vince - I can handle it, but it certainly isn't any fun. ack.

    Denny - lol

    Owl - I gagged a few times. He is much better!

    Jenn - Ewww! Oh, that's nasty! He's MUCH better.

    Boo - Yep - better already.

    Mike - ooooh, yeah. Blessed rest...and no puke. lol

    Seamus - me too! It's got to!