August 16, 2005

Blogging's Dark Cloud

Every once in a while, I get frustrated with this here blog. I do. Surprised? I didn't think so.

I've been blogging since March of 2004. I don't think that makes me an expert, by any means, but I've been around for a while.

Some times, I just can't think of a damn thing to post. Sure, there are a hundred things going on in my life, but none of them seem "blog worthy," you know? I ran across a pamphlet yesterday that made me giggle like an idiot, but also made me think...

This point I can totally relate to - I get around 200 visits per day and an average of what?...15 comments? Bleh. Yeah, I'm whining. Deal with it.

Let's see...
Biochemical Resistance - check
Content Anxiety - check
Self Loathing - check
Pressure - check
Uh oh...

Great suggestions! *cough*

LOVE his shirt! lol
"Blog for your own enjoyment or you're in trouble." Um...yeah!

So, perhaps I'm suffering from Blog Depression!? Do they make medicine for this? Blogzac? Wellblogtrin? *snicker*

Nah, I'm ok. I DO blog for my own enjoyment. So there.

...but you like me, right? Right? lol


  1. I can't tell you how many times I almost quit my blog for about three months in the spring!

    But, I can't, I'm totally addicted!!!

  2. if I quit blogging what would I do with my life? I'd actually have to start being productive. hmmmmm

  3. I haven't posted since Saturday because I can't think of anything to blog about...I must need some Blogzac. ;)


    I never looked at blogging as anything more then an easier quicker way to throw out my thougths.

    I used to have a journal I would write in but that became time consuming for me. Now..I throw down a few lines of nonsense and I feel great!! *shrugs*

    Guess I'm the weird one, huh?

  5. Celti, thanks for sharing that. Too funny!

  6. lol...This seems to be the theme today....writer's block has taken over many a blog I make the rounds of daily.....including mine as well.

  7. I know how you feel. I feel like such a slacker if I don't post something for a while. Or that my life is somehow dull. Truthfully, I think I'm just a comment whore.

    I've been contemplating taking a break but can't bring myself to it. My biggest problem now is that the number of people commenting on my blog as grown significantly in the last month and I feel obligated to read their blogs (nearly all of which are good) so I don't have time to post on my blog and read others. This is becoming a full time job!

  8. that. was. BRILLIANT.
    I'm sure we can all identify.

  9. Like you? Like you? Hell, I love you girl!!!

  10. I so identify with this. I was thinking maybe we should start a support group but everyone would drop in but not have any comments. ;)

  11. ROTFLMAO! That's hilarious!

    Love to you Celti, mucho! :)

  12. On the second to the last page, did it actually say 'suck cock for higher goodle rank'?

    So that's how to do it... :)

  13. I know the feeling... at times I wish for my readers to vanish so I don't have the expectation, and then when I get one or two comments I wonder what I've done wrong.
    Do it for yourself, maybe you'll have success there where I've failed.

  14. I'm so there. I love it. Great post.

  15. Yeah, I frikkin love you man! :)
    Lois Lane

  16. The psyche community will eventually make a fortune from all of us - one blog at a time!!! =)

  17. Funny. Sad. And, you know, I read you almost every day. Sorry I don't comment - sometimes just have nothing worth saying. I'll be reading you later!

  18. That was freaking hilarious!

    I don't know what I'd do without my blog. I'd be lost... there isn't anything about blog co-dependancy in that thing!

    Celti, we heart you. :)

  19. Jamie - oh, I know. I've thought about it, too. Too much invested!

    Denny - well, you'd run your travel agency, silly. lol

    Julz - yep, I think so!

    Derek - smart ass. lol
    not MY spelling error...

    JustMe - awww, love you too! That's a healthy way to look at it. Nah, not wierd at all.

    Katey - you're welcome. :)

    Mike - summer doldrums, perhaps. You never seem to be lacking for content. lol

    Vince - comment whore - LOL! I know exactly what you mean.

    CB - thanks & yep. :)

    Brighton - awwww, love you too! *basking* :)

    Boo - I think we all do. HA HA HA about the sppt group!

    Owl - glad you liked it. :D
    Love you, too!

    Pup - um, that was Google rank, but yeah. lol! Don't go there...

    Outburst - comments are so unpredictable. I find I get the most when I expect the opposite.

    Varla - I know you are. thanks! xox

    Lois - I frikkin love you, too. lol

    Seamus - LOL! Nah, not me...I'll be spending it upgrading my PC.

    Undine - I know you stop by often - don't worry about it. I am guilty of the same. :)

    E-Lo - hmmm...that could be a whole new pamphlet. lol
    I heart you, too. :)

  20. We do love you. :) And blogging for your own enjoyment is what it's all about. I don't really care who reads me I just like to blog :)


  21. Haha! Love this!

    I freely admit to using jellybeans to medicate my blog depression.

    And I would so wear that shirt.

  22. This is why I go underground every once in a while. Recharge the batteries. If only I had known about this...!

  23. Vince should read this.

    You KNOW I can relate...

  24. Sorry it's taken me so damn long to get over here, I think I was suffering from blog depression!!!! ;)

    That's funny as hell!

  25. Oops! I'm guilty of being one of the "stupid ******* lurkers" who never leaves a comment! I'll try to do better! Hate to find out I'm responsible for your Blog Depression! :o)

  26. Jennifer - thanks, sweetie! *hugs*

    Totsie - keep that jelly bean addiction in check, girlie. lol
    So would I!

    Michael - yep. We all understand. Just take your Wellblogtrin and you'll be fine. :)

    Sloth - He's been here & totally relates. lol Don't we all?

    Vicki - awww, take your blogzac & jelly beans, girl! lol

    Kerri - oh, that's ok. Just say "hi" if you don't have anything else to say. :)