August 30, 2005

Peddlin' my Wares

Well, I finally got a bundle of barrettes made and a blog set up to sell them!

You can see them here: Crafty Celti. There, you'll find all the details on how to purchase them and how much. I hope everyone likes them!

Here is a sample of what you'll find there:

They're first-come-first-served, so get them while they're hot! :D


Ooh, I should also mention that today is our 8th wedding anniversary. I have a dozen lovely roses on my desk and we're taking the kid to a sitter and going out for dinner. Woot! Happy anniversary, honey!


  1. Wow, those are beautiful! Happy anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary and hope both of you have a great time tonight.

    Checked out the new page and they are really nice, even though I don't use them myself. ;)

  3. Happy Anniversary!!
    Conversely, today is my ex's birthday LOL.
    I went to the site but I couldn't see the pics, I'll keep trying, it's probably my f'in 'puter :)

  4. Those are cool celti! Makes me want to cross-dress :)

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    They do indeed look cool - i think i like #17 best. Wish i knew what a barette is though.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! And damnit!!! I just cut my hair and now you're selling barettes!!! Oh well.. it'll grow!!

  7. Happy Anniversary.....have a bite of steak or a scoop of ice cream for me. :)

  8. Happy Anniversary! The barette's are incredible! Bon Appetit, and congrats on another year of wedded bliss--reminds me that my 6th is coming up in October.

  9. Very nice barettes!

    Happy Anniversary to you! My 13th was 2 days ago. :o)

  10. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time together! (Really pretty jewelry by the way)

  11. Sloth - thanks!

    Denny - thanks! It was a nice night until I got too wasted and passed out. lol

    Vicki - thanks! Imageshack was having trouble, but it's ok now.

    Pup - lol!

    Cali - A barrette is a clip to keep a girl's hair in place (in case you're serious). Thanks! 17 is my fave, too.

    Inanna - Surely you still have enough...?

    Boo - had seafood & cheesecake. mmmmm!

    Aimee - thanks!

  12. Spc - thanks & thanks! We should have waited until October - we had an outdoor wedding and it was the hottest damned day of the year!

    Kerri - thanks!

    Undine - thanks!

  13. Happy Anniversary a day late!

    The barettes are beautiful. Now I'm sad I cut off all my hair! :o(

  14. Gorgeous!!! All of 'em. (But mine is still the prettiest!)

    Glad we talked yesterday!!

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