August 03, 2005


Ow. I hurt today - it's been building for a few days now. My neck is freakin' killing me.

It started Sunday morning after sleeping on a lame hide-a-bed in a camper. It's not getting any better, though - it's actually getting worse. Today, instead of just being sore, my neck is stiff and hot, burning and aching. It's difficult to turn my head, which makes driving fun. I think it's actually getting worse as the day goes along. It's making me slightly nauseous. The pain is radiating down into my shoulders and arms now and I have a headache. I just tried to put a CD in my computer, and felt a bolt of pain when I reached up, causing me to drop the disk. It bounced across the desk and onto the floor. When I backed my chair up to get it, I rolled over it. Shit.

Man, this sucks.

I'm seriously considering going home and going to bed. I've taken 4 Ibuprofen now, and they don't seem to be having any effect at all. I can't concentrate on anything anyway - I may as well go.


Yeah, somebody call the whaaaambulance.


  1. You have my sympathy. For God's sake, go home and put something hot on your neck to loosen it up.

    Go now. Don't make me come over there and spank you!

  2. I had that problem for a few days last week, and Saturday, until I got an AWESOME back and neck massage. I'd suggest it! That, and if needed, a muscle relaxant.

  3. Oh sweets, that sucks. Do they have acupuncturists in IA? That usually helps me...

  4. Celti girl it sounds like you have a pinched nerve. If it isn't better soon you go see a dr.

  5. Gotta echo in with everyone else--heat on the source of the pain...or cold, whichever works better (I've had both work for injuries like this), and keep up with the Ibuprofen. If the irritated area feels inflamed, take 800MG (that's 4-200mg standard Motrin or a generic) every 6 hrs--stop if it upsets your stomach, and to echo what Jenn said, if it isn't better within 24 hrs, get to a doc asap!
    Sending healing vibes your way. Hang in there, and I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  6. well, I hope you did go home and climb into bed... bed is always the best thing for ya ;)

  7. awwwwww.....would copious amounts of alcohol make ya feel better?

  8. You need a good massage Celti - but after the last post I ain't goin to go anywhere near the happy ending!

  9. Hope you're feeling better today!

  10. Sorry you are feeling bad. I hope it gets better for you.

  11. Ice, Ice Baby!!! I had a massage for my OWWY and it just tightened back up... Ice, Ibuprofen, Yoga Stretches... stretttttchhhhhhhhh...keep stretching... it really helps. *pats Celti on the back*

  12. I'm no doctor so I won't suggest any remedy. This is the point where I usually pacify my pain with scotch and tylenol and curl up in bed.

    That can't be healthy though right?

  13. I coulda woulda sweared that I commented here. Imagine my surprise and outrage to not see my name and words of wisdom.

    Neck rub, warm heat and a few Smirnoff's......usually fixes what ever ails me although it's been a long while since I had the neck rub.

  14. Heehee..waaambulance. I haven't heard that in forever.

    Heat and rest, and a little drinkypoo can't hurt. ;) I would advise against hanging your head off the bed though. Remember my teabag story.

  15. Two words, Sport Cream. Oh yeah and a nap. Plus, add some cowbell for good measure. Feel better soon!
    Lois Lane

  16. Vince - I did go home & layed around feeling sorry for myself. The dog was the only one who seemed to care, though. lol

    Jamie - oh, that would be SO nice.

    JustMe - I might try that.

    Varla - yeah, they are around. I don't know if my insurance would cover it or not...

    Jenn - I hope not. I will.

    SpcKnght - tried cold this morning and it felt good while it was on, but only then. Might try heat this afternoon. I'm taking 800mg of Ibuprofen plus Doans & still in horrible pain. ug.

    Denny - I did. Wish I were there now.

    Vince - probably - at least temporarily. lol

    Notasoccermom - thanks, I do too

    Cali - Sounds good to me. hee hee

    Pup - not really, but thanks.

    Undine - me too, thanks

    Nanner - see above. :( It hurts to stretch. Ow.

    Pete - I don't care how healthy if it kills the pain at this point. lol

    Boo - hmmm...Blogger went "munch" probably. I'm going to look for a heating pad when I'm done here. Maybe my son would rub it...

    Totsie - yep - gonna be looking for all three tonight. Gah! Teabag!

    Lois - hmmm...might try that. The cowbell will help, I'm sure. ;)

  17. Agh, I hate that! My neck is hurting too, the right side all the way up my neck and down my back. Maybe this is an epidemic...

  18. Hey Sweetie, pm me tomorrow and I may be able to give ya a few tips on how to stretch things out. :) Huggss you , feel better!!

  19. Ya feelin' better lil' punkinhead?

  20. Hey Celti girl, how are ya today? I'm fighting a brutal summer cold. I'm on the upswing though, hopefully.