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March 09, 2006

HNT - Follow Up

Well, thank you to all of you who voiced your opinion on the earring dilemma last week. Due to popular demand blended with my own desire for new baubles, I bought me some cute little hoops to go with the big hoops. All holes are filled now. Yay!

I feel that I should elaborate a little on my tirade from yesterday, so that's coming up. I've just got so many things on my "get this done now" list that my head is swimming.

In the mean time, entertain yourself with more skin-baring fun - check out Mr. O's site::

HHNT, all!
Now, don't you all clamor to comment at once. ha ha ha ha ha


At March 09, 2006 1:29 pm, Blogger Denny Shane said...

There ya go! All your holes are now filled, no wonder you have that smile on your face this morning! ;)

At March 09, 2006 6:08 pm, Blogger Spirit Of Owl said...

Blimey, perhaps Denny has said it all.

At March 09, 2006 9:23 pm, Blogger spcknght said...

And now, a brief musical interlude!

"Three rings in the earlobe...Each one seeking happiness"


At least you came up with a decent HNT post! I've been reduced to incessant babbling.

At March 09, 2006 9:27 pm, Blogger sydwynd said...

Love that look! It seems so complete now.

At March 10, 2006 2:25 pm, Anonymous Vickie Long said...

omg--the earrings look super! Now I am tempted to do the same. I haven't had 3 earrings in the ear with 3 holes for so long I'm sure it'll take some doing to get the 2 I need through the holes. I'm thinking "Ouch!"
ps sorry about your friend. It's a shame to lose one so young.

At March 10, 2006 3:59 pm, Blogger Celti said...

Denny - what smile? I need help with that, methinks.

Owl - you know what you need to do, dernit. ;P

Spc - heh heh - barely. ba dun dum

Vince - thanks!

Vickie - thanks, I like them, too. You should. It won't hurt for long, just like the first time. ;) ...and thanks, it is.


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