March 02, 2006

HNT - Small & Unfulfilled

I am a child of the 80s. In this part of the country, your "coolness" factor went up significantly if you had multiple piercings. Well, my mom would only let me get my ears pierced once when she felt that I was "old enough to take care of them" myself. I think that was around 11 years old. Within a few years, though, I had them done again, and then again. I have three extra holes in each ear.

Now I realize that some people have many more than that. Whatever makes them happy, you know? My problem is that I can never seem to get them all filled up.

This is what you'd usually see:

One earring and two empty. I sometimes wear studs in the second set of holes, but hardly ever wear anything in the third. I do poke one through there now and then just so that they don't grow shut. I don't know why...laziness? No idea. Do you think I should keep earrings in all of them. Does it look stupid to have two empty holes there?

I think I got pretty lucky in the ear dept. I say this because, in my family, a lot of people were blessed with what we refer to as the "Burns ears." My dad has them. My sister has them (heehee), my grandma...etc. I got my mom's dainty ones, thank HEAVENS.

Just as a frame of reference, here is an example of the Burns ears:

That's my great Grandpa Burns. heh

Sooo...I thank my lucky stars for my little O'Neil ears. hee

If you want to know what all this silliness is about, clickity click:

HHNT, all!


  1. Yanno...I was more of a product of the 70's....graduated in '78...and back then the only guys who had pierced ears were...well...basically flaunting their sexuality.

    Now all the guys seem to have pierced sometimes wonder what they're flaunting...but I think that's just my smartassery getting in the way.)

  2. Unused holes are just askin' to be filled...

  3. Celti girl just think now a days these kids don't have to wear the huge dangly ear rings we had to wear to be cool... everything had to be bigger when we were growing up. You have very nice ears.

    and Happy blogiversary!

  4. always fill any open holes.

  5. I dunno what to tell you. I have three holes in one ear and 2 in the other. I used to think I had to have ear rings in all of them. Now I do 2 in the ear that has 2 holes and just one in the ear that has 3 holes. Go figure!

  6. Hope your having a nice HNT!
    The ear, great idea, I might use it for my HNT pic in the next couple of weeks. I'm running out of ideas.

  7. Still not a fan of piercings, but to each their own, I guess. Dead sexah earlobe for HNT, though! :)

  8. In my part of the world, we call those Belcher ears, which I didn't get, thank goodness!!

    i have five holes and never wear earrings at all...

  9. I'm not big into the multiple holes in the ear thing, but if you have them, then they should be "occupied" as it were. I'd put something tasteful and small in the empty ones and nice and dangly in the first one.