March 16, 2006

Random Smatterings

HNT folks...scroll down a couple of posts and you can see my new skin art! :D

In this episode, however, prepare to be submitted to another edition of "what's on my mind." lol

The tattoo is healing up quite nicely. All of the crusty stuff is gone. It's still a bit rough and little tender, but not bad at all. Thankfully, I can wear a bra now - it's a bit awkward not being able to wear one to work when you're built like me. heh. I talked to the artist and he's shocked at how fast it's healing as he said it would take a week or two.

I have, however, been having a few issues with it. It's sensitive, so if any hairs or the like get down in there, it tickles and itches. Having it slathered with cocoa butter makes it a bit of a hair magnet. I'm completely amazed that no one here at work has "busted" me yet digging around in my cleavage. Well, yesterday morning was particularly bothersome in that regard. It would tickle/itch, I'd go in seeking out the intruder at fault and find nothing. Rinse & repeat about 20 times. Well, you see, the problem was due to a thread that was hanging off of the bottom of my v-neck shirt, which was pushed out of the way when searching so it eluded me for far too long. I snipped that little bugger right off and all is well. Sheesh.

I am entirely TOO fond of cheese balls - you know those little chunks of cheddar that are breaded and deep fried? Eeeeevil. Pure evil goodness.

I love the pants I had on yesterday. They're stone colored carpenter pants. They have this nifty little pocket on the side of the thigh that my cell phone fits into perfectly, and this wonderful hammer-loop on the other side that likes to catch on things as I walk by, causing me to lurch forward as my leg becomes immobile and look like a complete idiot. That's not what I'm getting at, though...they're loud. When I walk, the fabric makes this swoosh swoosh sound that just seems very noticable. I couldn't sneak up on someone in these if I tried. Oh well, just like the farting shoes, I guess it's all good.

Vin Diesel can NOT be gay. That is simply not acceptable. My current desktop:

Now, why don't they just shut up about it and leave him alone? rrr

If you ever are tempted to get sucked into buying a ringtone (or anything else, for that matter) from MEDIAPLAZZA, JUST SAY NO. Trust me. They are complete idiots and will rip you off and pretend they don't know what you're talking about.

That bastard Joseph Smith, the man convicted of abducting, raping and slaying 11-year-old Carlie Brucia was sentenced to death. It's a pity that he won't suffer like she did.

You know, drive thru's make me crazy. Yesterday at lunch, I was in line at a drive thru and the idiot in front of me takes 10 minutes (I'm NOT exaggerating) to place her order. I would have left long before that, but I was stuck with another car on my bumper.

Anyway, I get up to the speaker to immediately be assaulted with "Hi, Welcome to blah blah would you like to try a french fry giant grease ball heart attack big enough for two today?? (said all bright and shiny). I place my order (cheese balls - see above) and proceed. I take note, much to my dismay, of the fact that the 10 minute order the imbecile lady in front of me consists of two shakes. TWO SHAKES. *breathe*

She moves along surprisingly quickly and I pull up to the window. "Oh, we're sorry...we have to cook those for you so the wait will be 5 minutes (mind you, I've been in line at least 5 since ordering). Could you park next to that big, stinky garbage can and we'll bring them out when we feel like it? (said all bright and shiny)" DAMNIT. So, as I sit there, I notice two huge arrows painted on the concrete side-by-side saying exit, pointing at the street. It's a one-way. Why are there two arrows? The person on the left can't go left. WTF? *sigh*

If I hear that Pizza Hut commercial again with that revolting Jessica Simpson singing about how one of these days those bites are gonna pop right into you, I'm going to ...well, I don't know. Her voice is just like nails on a chalkboard to me. Perhaps I'll sue Pizza Hut for pain and suffering.

What the hell is up with Lost playing one new episode, then two reruns, then another new episode and so on? It's driving me crazy. It's about enough to make me just say screw it and watch it when season two comes out on DVD...except I don't want to wait that long. Damn them!

How is your day going?


  1. Day is ok. Took the day off to take my wife to her pain management appointment, went to Cracker Barrel for lunch, and afterwards she promptly ran me all over town shopping various places. We didn't get home and have everything put away until the LOST rerun hit the airwaves (NEW LOST NEXT WEEK! YAY!!!). We just finished up a nibbling dinner--her some crackers and white chocolate amaretto cheeseball, and I enjoyed some german potato salad and a Hot-Pocket. Only bad part of the day is denying that I have a chest cold again. Plying myself with Zicam, RobitussenDM, and lots of bedrest tonight.

    As for the cheese balls--a new burger place around these parts called Culvers has a "Fried Cheese Curd" side dish that sounds a lot like the cheese balls you mentioned, and they are absolutely addictive!

  2. I'm going Season 2 on DVD too. I always manage to miss it! Plus, I can watch it non-stop, marathon fashion that way.

    I'd say how I'm doin'... but you already know! ;c)

  3. sure celti, go ahead and reverse the posting. Now my comment on the last posting makes no sense because you reversed them and put this one ahead of it. blah

  4. I hate when I have a wild hair bugging me too.

    Concering Vin Diesel, rumors went around for many years that Rob Halford of Judas Priest was gay and all the metal fans were like "no way Halford's a fag" kind of thing and it turns out, he's gay. Just saying.

    I too hate Jessica Simpson in those commercials (acutually, I just hate Jessica Simpson) but I LOVE the ones with Miss Piggy! They're hysterical!


    "Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

    "I think so Brain, but how are we going to get the monkeys into rubber pants? NARF!"

  5. Nanner - indeed! I'm glad!

    Spc - Sounds like a tiring day off. Yay! New episode this week!!! You've got to shake those bugs! Cheese balls are evil good!

    HEP - I'll have to watch it to fill in the ones I've missed anyway. ...but I'll keep watching because I'm an impatient turd! lol
    Hope things are looking up, girl.

    Denny - ha ha! I actually thought of that when I switched them. No worries. They make sense to me.

    Vince - Well, IMHO Rob Halford and Vin Diesel are apples & oranges. Regardless, it's not like I'd ever have the chance to pursue him. I'll just continue on with my fantasies undisturbed, thank you. lol