March 18, 2006


That would be Short Attention Span Saturday as opposed to Friday. With last weeks just being skipped completely...yeah, yeah...way late. No excuses, just my apologies.

Albert forgives me...

Go ahead...make Einstein say (well, write) whatever you want. Heh

Groovy Foolers

What do you see in these images?
I guess it depends on how dirty your mind is. lol

Pick a Penny

This is interesting.

It's a little test to see how familiar (or unfamiliar, for that matter) you are with the American penny. Can you pick the right one without cheating? Click the link to find out. I'm proud to say I got the right one on the first try. (dumb luck, most likely. heh)

Just Freakin' Cool

A panoramic view of Paris at night - it takes a bit to load, but it's worth the wait. You could see the rooftop of the building I lived in except for the fact that there are two buildings in the way. See, all the buildings in central Paris are seven stories tall. If I remember correctly, it was some kind of building code under Napoleon that made it that way. It makes for interesting views from up high.


Expiring on April 20, the 1982 BMW owned by Dylan Klebold is up for auction.

They had it listed on eBay, but got booted due to their rule that you can't sell "murderobelia." So now, it's a private auction for the car. It's the one they drove to school in that fateful day, full of guns and ammo. Bidding is currently at $10,000.

Kinda freaky.

Another Lost Treat

You Lost fans out there should get a kick out of this. I thought it was awesome.
Addicted to Lost

Brain Cramp Test

I have no idea why this is called the "Monday Test" but it's rather interesting. They're trick questions so you really have to think. I did pretty good - only missed one. Damn it. lol

Does Not Compute

Have you ever had an error page flirt with you?

Not Funny

1. In all, the Sago Mine [the West Virginia coal mine where an underground explosion left 12 miners dead and another with serious injuries] received 276 violations in 2004 and 2005, including 120 that were considered "significant and substantial." During that time, the government sought $33,600 in fines. Of that, the companies paid $23,986.

2. Federal regulators will stick by their decision to slap CBS with a $550,000 fine for the Janet Jackson flash at the 2004 Super Bowl.

3. A government crackdown on indecent programming resulted in a proposed $3.6 million in fines against dozens of CBS stations and affiliates on Wednesday - a record penalty from the Federal Communications Commission.

Glad to know this country has it's priorities straight. *gag*

May I Take Your Order?

Asian food restaurants have a tendency to make some amusing blunders in translation on their menus. This one, however takes the cake.

How about some Double boiled forest frog for dessert? ...or how about some Strange Flavor of Inside Freasuse?

You have GOT to go there and read the whole thing. Keep going - it gets funnier as it goes along. By the time I reached the end, I was laughing so hard I was snorting. They need a new interpreter.

Hope you all are having a nice weekend. I spent the day cleaning. Ug. It's a never ending battle. Cheers!

Oh, by the way, would someone please e-mail me if my comments are broken?


  1. OMG!! those pics are gnasty, and someone has waaay too much time on their hands. I missed one too... the one about Moses and the Ark, I always miss that one! I'm pagan FFS!!

  2. I missed the inning one. Who would have guessed 6??

    I didn't get the right penny either. Oh well.

    I did however let the error page ramble on and on and on and on...*snicker*

  3. Maybe if they were Canadian pennies I would have stopod a chance. Comments seem fine from here.

  4. Oh. My. God. I couldn't stop laughing at that menu and it just got worse... my boss thought I was choking! Salty egg king steams the vegetable sponge, indeed.

  5. I was SOOO close. All the right details but had Abe looking the wrong way. Damn.

  6. Like Inanna, I got 'em all but the Ark one. I figured it was a trick in the wording of how many of each sex... uh, one of each sex, right? Holy Moses they tricked me.

    Great job as usual, Celti!

  7. Nanner - Nutty, huh!? lol That's the one I missed! D

    Boo - Three for each team. ;) The penny one was tough. Oh, and it does ramble. lol

    Pete - I thought about that. lol

    Cootera - That menu is priceless. lol

    Vince - oooh, good job!

    Michael - That's what I was thinking, too. thanks!