March 31, 2006

There - a - pee

After the Friday I had, I've put myself in therapy. I'll be self medicated and doing puzzles.



  1. somebody get the drool bucket, Celti's gone nutsy-fagan again.

  2. Getting you a comfy blanket and a plate full of Rice Krispy Treats and a mug of tea.

    Hugs and comfy backrubs...and have a relaxing weekend. If you need to chat, I'll be around someplace--doing housecleaning in prep for my stepdaughter visiting this weekend.

  3. Self medicated and doing a puzzle? That sounds like me trying to get in the back door after a night out...


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  9. Mike - drool. Just alcohol, Harry Potter and peace and quiet. :D

    Spc - Blankie, yes - krispy treats, no. heh
    Housework - blech. lol

    Owl - ha ha ha ha ha! I'd love to see that. :p

    Tres Cee - ok, dude...I though it was funny the first time (last post) but this is getting silly. WTF, man? On goes the word verification...

  10. Who the fuck is tres cee? LOL

    Would that medication be south of the border tequila style or Tennessee sippin' whiskey style? hehe

    Don't overdo it hon! :)

  11. I just go into a good psychogenic fugue from time to time.
    Less expensive.

    And new shoes.
    They help.
    Trust me.