March 01, 2006

It's my bloggiversary and I'll be obnoxious if I want to.

So, I've been doing this here blogging thing for exactly two years today.
Where has it got me?


the most obnoxious picture I could find in a quick google search
Surely there's better than that out there. He does have a wierd little blue winkie, though. heh

I'm in a really weird, kind of obnoxious, ornery mood today.

Now, where's my damn cake? ...and make it PUDDING cake, damnit!

Who wants to party?


  1. Gosh darn, it it weren't Ash Wednesday, I'd party with you! (But I did that yesterday)I am sooo trying to be good during Lent. But that pudding cake is irresistable!

  2. Hasn't Crazy Frog got to the states yet? Your lucky!

    Is that Lemon Drizzle Cake? I'm having a Homer Simpson moment

  3. Yay for 2 years. Now that is committment if I ever saw it. I'll party with ya. What ever you are drinking is what I'll be drinking.

  4. Cake and biscuits and beer, please.

    You know, Callum got that frong t-shirt and he made us black out the willy with ink before he would wear it. Don't worry, I'm training him.

    2 years of trumpets and bumps for you my most dear stranger. (hugs) and (x) and etc...


  5. I knew I was keeping this bottle of Korbel chilled for SOMETHING! Happy 2nd anniversary, and here's to 2000 more! :)

    BTW, Zeke looks funny without his spirit-gummed beard, doesn't he?

  6. Woot!! Two years!! Happy Blogiversary!! Pass the cake!! And a shot of tequila and yeah, that margarita and could you make me a White Russian while I slurp this down. Yeah, thanks. You're a great hostess. ;-)

  7. Vickie - Yeah, it is Ash Wednesday, isn't it? Pudding cake totally rocks. :)

    Wulf - Oh, he's around. ...and he's obnoxious. lol
    mmmmmmm....caaaaaake. :D

    Derek - thanks! Where's my gift??? ;p

    Boo - Committment or addiction? lol
    Vodka lemonade? :D

    Owl - so glad you could join us! ;) Oh, poor Callum - must get that modesty from his mom. lol! Stranger? No stranger than you, my dear. xoxo

    Spc - Champagne! Sweet! Thank you! He looks funny no matter what. lol

    Nanner - thank you! Mmmmmm.....maaaarrrrrgarrrittaas! I swore off the white russians, though, damnit - too many carbs. lol

  8. Dang, I'm late


  9. Aw, crap, I'm late too. Sorry, babe.

    Happy Blogiversary!!!!!

    I suggest the group-happy-naked-dance. Who's with me?