March 25, 2006

It's All Harry's Fault

Dang it, I had the best of intentions for a SASS post (SASF has simply proven itself impossible with my current M-F work load) but I can't get my nose out of this book! The further I get into it, the better it gets. Poor Harry - he is not having a good year. Yes, yes, I've been sucked in.

I'll be a posting some good stuff for you soon, I promise...but probably not until I finish the book. At the rate I've been going, however, that will probably be by tomorrow. Yeah, go ahead, call me a muggle. I'll turn you into a newt. heh


  1. Heh...that darned J.K. Rowling....there outta be a 12-step program for her books. :)

    Enjoy the read--it's really good and this one fills in some missing does HBP.

    And who are you calling a Muggle? ;)

  2. man, i like the cover of that book better than the one i have...

    seems like every year it just keeps getting rougher for Harry, doesnt it?

  3. So, what are your thoughts on Umbridge?? Heh. Loved that book.

  4. I knew there had to be a legitimate reason for your absence ;)

  5. No, if you want lame, I got the new Harry Potter movie on DVD the week it came out, and have not watched it yet. I've just been too tired to devote 2 hours to watching TV. Isn't that sad?

  6. Spc - No kidding! What the hell are we going to do after #7? lol
    Yes, many missing bits are filling in. Not you, m'dear.

    Owl! It's a drive-by sighting! lol would taste bad. Pathooey! ;p

    Sid - It is a sweet cover. There are several, it seems. It sure does get rougher and rougher.

    Nanner - Umbridge? Well, it's my theory that that nasty little troll is under and Imperius curse (and so is Fudge!) and is under the control of Voldemort! I haven't finished yet, though, so I may be wrong. On the other hand, her description is frighteningly similar to a former supervisor of mine. She was a troll, too - yikes!

    Denny - indeed! :) Didn't want you all to think I'd been committed or something. lol

    Vince - I totally relate. You'll like it, though. :)

  7. All of her books have come out at times when I had a day or two free, or else I bought them on the weekend after they came out, and devoted my time to finishing as quickly as possible. Each of the last 3 have been read in single days.

  8. Coyote - I could only DREAM of having enough free time to do that. *sigh* Voracious, you are. lol

  9. I have time since I'm not having sex with anyone :P