June 07, 2006

Feeling the Burn

I have a new exercise program - I've been doing Pilates. I'm quite proud of myself, actually as it's no cake-walk. I'm feeling myself starting to limber up, but the first day some of the exercises made me raise one eyebrown and say "Yeah, right...like I'm going to be able to pull that off!" They're getting easier now, though. Pilates reminds me a lot of Yoga, which I suppose is good since I've always been interested in Yoga, but have never actually done it.

The damn weight loss hasn't been going well lately. After losing about 70 pounds, it's like my body caught on to what was happening and said "Ooooh, no, we're not going to have that!" so the loss came to a screaching halt. It's been so frustrating and it's become apparent that eating as I have been is no longer going to allow me to shed pounds, so I've resigned myself to the fact that I must exercise. No, chasing a 5 year old around doesn't count apparently.

When the weather started getting nice, I started walking on my lunch hour. That was all fine and good until the good old official Iowa summer kicked into gear. Recently, I would finish my walk (2.25 miles around the lake) dripping with sweat. Ug. It's no fun going back to work feeling like your clothes are all sticking to you.

So, last week I started Pilates. I go home at lunch (only a 10 min. drive), let the dog out and eat a bite. Then I strip and do pilates for the rest of the hour. I'm nice and comfy in my air conditioned carpeted living room with no one around to giggle at me. ...and nothing motivates you like looking at yourself stripped down in the mirror, that's for sure. lol

I'm pleasantly surpised that I'm actually enjoying this. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and I haven't had the afternoon sleepies as bad as usual. If it's not my imagination, I think it's working, too. I haven't stepped on the scale, but various areas (such as the butt/hips/thighs which I have been working VERY hard on) are starting to firm up. yay! So...I'm encouraged by how it's been going and looking forward to getting closer to my goal. I'm almost half way there. I'm already wearing pants that are 6 sizes smaller than before. Woot!

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