June 23, 2006

SASF v.6.23.6 - Friday Video Extravaganza!

A good place to get started:
You drive me crazy!
I really can't help but wonder if they have any idea what the hell they're saying.

Speaking of Crazy...
All bow down to the Purple One!

My absolute favorite
There are some very nice memories associated with this song.
*ahem* Oh, to be 19 again...

happy morning

...another reason why I don't consume diet coke & mentos

Game Show Goodies:
Classic Family Feud Moment

Cheaters Prosper!

Cheese alert!
I Wanna Love You Tender
OMFGLMAOBBQ! What a gem! The Dancers - oooh la la, the dancers. *snort*

Ahh, the 80s!
Double Cheese!
Head Over Heels
Dang, I forgot how ridiculously cute they were. Oooh, Omega, don't get this one stuck in your head. Lol (this is all your fault, you know)

I always wanted to know what the hell "Kajagoogoo" meant.

The best band of the 80s - I was SUCH a Durannie.
They were so purty, even if Simon was an Indiana Jones ripoff..

A picture - just because they're so purty:

...and this post needs at least one picture.
Bonus points to who can tell me where in the hell they got their name!

Oh, the flashbacks. lol

Ok, moving onward...

These girls kick ass - literally! Woot!

Jed Inside

Uh...are we live?
Yay Fox!

Scarface (short Version (caution - major vulgarity)

And finally, the ultimate GOD WARRIOR!
Damn skeeery!
Embrace the dark side, baby.

Ok, just a few more
Cup o' Noodle Theater
These made me giggle entirely too much.

Aw, hell...one more 80s flashback, eh?
You, babe.
Actually, that might be 70s...? Oh well, sit back and enjoy the cheese.

Help! I can't stop!
I think this shall be my theme song for today.

heh heh - ok, back to work ya freaks.

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