June 02, 2006

SASF v.6.2.6 - WTF Files

I can't even begin to tell you how many things have made me say "WTF??" this week. It's a crazy, screwed up world out there and the best of it is on the internet, baybees. Here's a plethora of goodies for you and this is just the tip of the iceberg...

Free Sex Change? Just Commit Murder!

Convicted murderer thinks tax $ should pay for his sex change operation. "Cruel and unusual punishment" to NOT pay thousands in tax dollars to make him a woman? Give me a friggin' break!! Give him a knife and some pain killers and let him do it himself! What about the woman he murdered? Oh, I'm just going to shut up now about this one.

Batwoman reborn as a lesbian?

Woo hoo, she's hot! lol

How is her sexuality really relevant, though, unless the character has sex in the comics? Wait...never mind.

IM Wierdness

Ok, this is the weirdest IM conversation I've seen in a while:

(19:45:05) yehudahtrottier: Have a rice cake.
(19:45:20) warpkorebreach: more like ricer cake
(19:46:20) yehudahtrottier: R?
(19:46:55) yehudahtrottier: There is too much confusion.
(19:47:01) yehudahtrottier: I must compute.
(19:47:10) warpkorebreach: you're a confusion
(19:47:16) yehudahtrottier: I must know your ways.
(19:47:22) warpkorebreach: I have no ways
(19:47:28) warpkorebreach: I am merely a humble yugo columnist
(19:47:44) yehudahtrottier: Why does the Yugo exist?
(19:48:12) warpkorebreach: I think Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker had a post about that recently
(19:48:51) yehudahtrottier: Where can I see it?
(19:48:58) warpkorebreach: www.ricedoutyugo.com

Reverend Tedward Q. Porktanker? *snort*


Now these are some of the freakin' weirdest looking creatures I've ever seen.

...and they're so...so...phallic! Geoduck chowder, anyone? Yikes!

Speaking of Funky Creatures...

It's CLONING GONE WRONG! Dun dun dun duuuuuuuun!


Whoa...just whoa:

Something about that almost looks right. lol


National dog?

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly...OMFG!!!

I'll never swim in the ocean again
I'll never swim in the ocean again

Ooooh, I'm Skeered.

God told Pat Robertson that the US is going to get creamed by a Tsunami.
Go Pat (you idiot.) Yes, please go...far far away.

Giggle Stick

That's what this chick has obviously been repeatedly beaten with.

WTF, girl? I have to admit - the Legolas part cracked me up.

Bare - Uh - Coo - Duh


Makes Others Say "WTF"

This dude rocks:
Things you can't do when you're NOT in a pool.


The government has a gay list???

Hell no, I didn't click on it. That might put ME on the gay list! lol

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Very clever!

oooh, Sparkly!

Who would like to have shit that sparkles? ...and in sterling silver, no less!? WTF, indeed!

Heh heh

Ah, another lovely Lost parody.

WTF did she DO?

You know, I've never been a Jessica Simpson fan. I just can't manage to have even a tiny shred of respect for a hollow vessel of idiocy like her. However, I will agree that she's hot. Well, let me rephrase that - she WAS hot.

Yikes! That hair?!?! ...and her tan looks fake. She so...orange! Didn't her boobs used to defy gravity? You've got some serious droopage going on there, Jess. Holy shit, WTF was she thinking?!


Ok, that's more than enough silliness for today. I have to get to work. *grumble*

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