June 15, 2006


You know, perhaps I am evil. May as well just go ahead and embrace it, right? heh

Some say that it's in my chart. I am an Aries with a Saggitarius moon and Leo rising - cardinal fire, fire and fire, baby. I have been told that I can shoot fire out of my eyes. I've blown things up by concentrating my fury on them. I kid you not - I have witnesses.

I am, however, very good about controlling my temper and weighing the consequences of my actions before I take them. This has been my saving grace time and time again.

Per my chart, I am: independent, arrogant, confident, dominant, charismatic, high-spirited, an idealist, optimistic, quick-witted, opinionated, stubborn, agressive, passionate, aloof, intense, direct, blunt, honest, innovative, an instigator, proud.

All of these can be hard to handle when wrapped into a single package, but I manage. I am, indeed, proud of who I am and I know that I am not evil. I'm just a pussy-cat.


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