June 30, 2006

SASF v.6.30.6 - Miscellaneous Grins & Giggles

Oh, suuuure. I get all these goodies lined up for you and go to upload the images, and my image host is moving like molasses in January. @(*#$)(*@&)(*&! It couldn't have done this last week when I had only one picture. Noooo. *snarl*

Anyhoo, we're in for a fun weekend here in the steamy Midwest, folks. The 4th of July is just around the bend, and tonight we have an outdoor concert on the capital steps (accompanied by some tasty BBQ) and fabulous fireworks following! I loves me some good fireworks. Fire! Heh heh Fire!

On with the goodies (that is if I ever get the crap uploaded. Erg!)

Giggle-Worthy Gifs

This week's selections:

I SO badly want to do this to/for my neighbor. She's a cranky bitch.


Morning Kicks
Dude, I would seriously suspect that someone drugged my coffee if my breakfast did this!

Precious Moments

Ah, a beautiful wedding on a lovely tropical paradise beach. It is advisable, however, to hire a photographer who pays attention to the background. *snort*

Tattoo of the Week

That had to hurt! It's going to be awesome when he gets it all filled in. The Pooh bear, on the other hand, just doesn't seem to fit in...hmmm.

I'm starting to itch for another one. What should I get and where, peeps? Of course, nothing nearly this big!

Big Bad Bird

Poor Mister Trooper man can't do his job due to feisty fowl. heehee! Go turkey!

Man, I totally want to do this!

Convert your old TV into a fish tank.

Worst Cosplay Ever

Oh, honey...

"Ok, dudes, what am I?" *coughdorkcough*

WTF has she been blogging about?

The last couple of posts have been stories by the wonderful CornMo. He is awesome. I saw him perform with "Burlesque-a-Pades" last weekend. Never has a man with an accordion won my heart like him. He tells these stories between his songs and he's just freaking brilliant and tremendously talented. Check him out!

Oh jeez, I think I need this DVD.

(BTW, CornMo, if you're reading this, you were AWESOME, man! Had I not been so damned drunk, I would have chased you down after the show.)

Shaved is Preferred

Shave my damned Yeti and get a reward!
What I want to know is WHY does he have shorts on under his fur?

Personally, I prefer this look. Heh


Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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