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April 13, 2005

Holy Frickin' WOO is Right!


A little while ago, I heard an overhead page bidding me get my happy ass up to the front office. We have this reception area with a big counter, and as I round the bend on my approach, I see the counter covered with flowers. Since my birthday is Saturday, I asked "Is one of these for me!" Yeeee! The grinning receptionist and much of the other office staff informed me that they were ALL for me!

Wha wha whaaa????

Holy cow! I opened each card to discover that they were from some of my dearest blogger friends. I am completely blown away!

Check this out:

I'm surrounded!

They're all big, but this is the smallest of the three (my lucky number, even):

Carnations, roses, mums & a few others. The little bowl they're in is adorable - round, frosted glass with birthday candles on it.

Lovely Calla Lillies - they're huge!

Yellow Lillies, Tulips, Iris and something that looks like Heather. They smell SO good! ...and so many of my favorite flowers, you sneaky dawgs!

I am walking around the office now with this silly, perma-cheese grin on my face. You guys have made my week! Hell, my month! I can't believe it.

Seamus, Varla, Aimee, CooterAng, Michael, & Inanna - I love you guys so much! You are simply the cats pajamas! *HUGE SMOOCH*

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