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April 04, 2005

Train Wreck

It was a VERY nice weekend. The weather was absolutley beautiful, so we spent nearly the entire time outside.

Saturday, Derrick and I went geocaching. We started with my cache, and had to replace the container - there was a hole in the lid and a crack in the side, so we replaced it. I was shocked by the amount of trash that we saw down there. Next time, we're taking trash bags with us. April is "cache in trash out" month, so we'll take bags with us each time we go, but didn't have any Sat. We found a couple more of the local park caches, with mandatory long stops on the play equipment in each park in between. I don't know how many times I went down the curly slide. LOL! The monkey bars weren't particularly kind to my shoulders, either. Damn, it sucks getting old.

We saw lots of wonderful spring flowers on our outing, and Derrick picked a little bouquet of wildflowers for me. He is such a wonderful, thoughtful boy. He wants to be an astronaut, and told me last night that he wants to take me to the moon. He doesn't know that he already does.

I cleaned out my planters getting ready for planting flowers. I can't wait! There are babies popping up from under the leaves all over the place - I had to fight to resist the urge to rake off their winter blanket. It is still getting down into the 30s at night, and I would hate for them to get frosted. I made myself commit to two more weeks...

We smoked some ribs and beef jerky in the smoker yesterday. Derrick and I cleaned up the yard, picked up trash in the alley, rolled around in the grass, played frisbee, played with the neighbors' psycho dog Mika, drew chalk drawings all over the driveway and sidewalk, and came inside at dusk very, very dirty. Boy, what a ring around the tub. *snicker*

I slept like a rock last night, but had the most wonderful dream. I'm still buzzing from it. Let's just say it involved a corporate jet, and a rainy night in a limousine. Very, very nice...

I made a wonderful CD yesterday evening, full of Sarah MacLachlan music, and my dream was full of it. Train Wreck, one of my absolute favorites, is song #1.

"Your eyes like midnight fireflys
Light up the trenches where love lies
Until I can see again
Find my way back again

'Cause I'm a train wreck
Waiting to happen
Waiting for someone to come pick me up off the tracks
A wild fire born of frustration
Born of the one love that gets me so high"

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