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April 08, 2005

Short Attention Span Friday!

Berry Horny
Exclusive: Scientists identify fruits to get you in the mood.
SCIENTISTS have discovered a fruity way to halt Scotland's population slump.

They found that strawberries and raspberries boost your sex drive and increase fertility. The secret of the berries' success is the high level of zinc in the seeds. Zinc governs testosterone and increased levels can put both men and women in the mood for love.

The benefits of berries are that the seeds are eaten rather than removed as in other fruits. Researcher Patrick Holford said yesterday: 'My message is simple. Every time you have sex, or simply want to ready yourself or your partner for sex, you should consume a handful of raspberries or strawberries.'

Hmmmph. Maybe that's my problem - I LOVE strawberries! *snicker*

Where the Blogging Happens
Lovisa suggested, over at Mike’s place, that we all share a picture of our desk area where we do our blogging.

This is my desk at work, where most of my blogging is done (shhhh!). We have, of course, the PC – "Gateway to Hell", pictures, ginormous tea mug, teas, phone, fan (for when I get all hot & bothered. lol) water bottle, fat CD wallet, cell phone, obligatory crap taped on the wall, said tape, wooden snake, evil goose, doggie angel, old glory, candles, lysol, blotter, a plethora of pens & crap, and work – Yes, I do some of that here. Take special note of the green door with the LOCK ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE KNOB so they can lock me in here! GAH!

Personal Victory
Today, I am proud to report that I am wearing pants that are 6 sizes smaller than I was wearing last fall. Weeeee!

Fun Links:
From my buddy Archmage:

Freaky Botany
Check out the botanical freak!. It's a maroon bat plant. Funky!

Strange Stuff
The Art and Figure Work of Joseph Seigenthaler. This is some wild stuff! Be sure to check out the 3d-Cg page, where you'll find goodies like this:

Interesting Searches that Led the Seeker to My Blog (mostly google):
"Quizzy things" (I don't do that many!)
"Outercourse sister story" (WTF?)
"Celtic boars & dogs" (damned Pig Post!)
"Varla vixen" (Who was that?)
"Killing because of seeking money" (Wha? I've never done that OR suggested it!)
"Breast tattoos" (Um...not yet, anyway)
"Contortionist" (I can put my feet behind my head, does that count?)

Audio Toy
This is really fun to play with if you're looking for entertainment: Audio Toy. Thanks, Ang!

Honorable Mention
Go Fug Yourself! A blog where they do little but make fun of unfortunate celebrity clothing incidents. Such fun!

Is it just Me?

or does the young man in this picture have disproportionately large hands?

Last but Certainly Not Least!
You MUST read this! It's vulgar, but so funny I nearly peed my pants! LMAO

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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