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April 15, 2005

It's FINALLY here!

It's Friiiiidaaaaay! Wow, this has been a long week. Work and other things (ahem) have been keeping me too busy to gather up much this week, dern it. No wonder I have a

Bailey's Irish Creme is sex in a bottle. Just thought I'd mention that...

Paris & the Scary One
After "the Simple Life" with Paris & Nicole came out, I heard people referring to Nicole as "the fat one." The girl was not fat! Sheesh! Compared to bony Paris, she had more meat on her bones, but come on... Anyway, look at her now:

Jeebus, girl! Eat some food! Reminds me of Callista Flockhart. I think, if you hugged her, she'd break! Way to promote that healthy body image for young girls in the US, Nicole. pffft.

Worth Watching
This made me giggle like an idiot. I think my favorite part is the French woman "but I am le tired!". bwaaahahaha!

Glutton for Punishment?
WOODBRIDGE — A Brooklyn man unhappy with the sentence he received for masturbating in public, repeated the crime before the assistant municipal court clerk on closed circuit TV last week, police said.

Reggie Frank, 34, had just been sentenced over closed circuit television on April 4 to six months in the Middlesex County Detention Center for masturbating in the women’s lingerie section of the Lord & Taylor at Woodbridge Center Mall, when he decided to begin doing what landed him in jail in the first place, police said.

“The way the system works with closed circuit TV is they can see and talk to him up here at Woodbridge,” Capt. Charles Rowinski said. “If they plead guilty, the judge can sentence him over TV, if they plead not guilty, they have to come before the judge.” (nice choice of words, lol!)

Frank, who was being held at the Middlesex County Detention Center, had pleaded guilty to the lewdness charge and was being sentenced by Municipal Court Judge Emery Z. Toth over closed circuit TV, he said. The court clerk alleged Frank had been acting agitated and was using profanity during the process, according to the police report. “The judge sentenced him to six months and apparently the defendant thought it should be less,” Rowinski said.

After sentencing, Toth left the conference room and Frank moved off camera, police said. Moments later, Frank reappeared on camera while exposing his genitals and masturbating, police said. A criminal complaint was signed by the clerk against Frank, whose bail was set at $75,000 with no 10-percent option.

Britney Schmitney
Britney Spears is pregnant. No one cares except the media. pfffft!

For the Guys:
25 Things Men Should Know about Women
All the stuff we expect you to know without our telling you:
1. When we ask you how we look, "fine" is not an appropriate answer.
2. Saying "I love you" before, during or after sex doesn't count.
3. We obsess over whether you'll call from the moment we give you our number.
4. We fantasize and it's usually about you.
5. We love it when you e-mail us at work.
6. No matter how cool we seem about it, if you did something bad, we're pissed off.
7. Don't patronize us by asking if our bad mood is because of PMS.
8. Don't ever tell us what to do, even when we ask you to. (?)
9. We will leave you if you lie to us.
10. We're unimpressed by men who don't take the lead. Be a man, dammit!
11. We love when you hold our hands.
12. We need to hear how you feel about us. Tell us right now...and again in ten minutes.
13. We want to be the best thing that ever happened to you - and for you to know it.
14. If we don't feel loved, we'll start looking elsewhere.
15. Don't talk about your ex.
16. We like porn, too.
17. We remember everything about our relationships. Yes, everything.
18. We like it when you fix things.
19. You're sexiest when you're: sweating, driving, shaving, or holding a baby.
20. We've faked it.
21. Groping and foreplay are not the same thing.
22. While we're on the subject: more foreplay!
23. If we're not having sex it's because: we feel fat; we don't feel very close to you, or we are punishing you for not doing something our way.
24. We're afraid to meet your mother.
25. We think you should have already known all this stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!

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