May 31, 2005


What a nice weekend! Really - one of the best I've had in a long time.

Saturday morning, I packed up my gear and headed out to the East to visit blogger buddy Cootera. I chatted with a few friends on the phone on the way there, and jammed out to Linkin Park, singing at the top of my lungs like the freak that I really am. It was awesome. Rock Star! \m/

Found Ang's place easily and was greeted with a big ole hug and a VERY excited Poog. hee hee! Love that dog. He's a hoot.

We sat and chatted for a bit while I got to know the poog, and decided to head down stairs to George's - the bar that she works in on weekends. She took the day off, though, just for me. awwww. So, the drinking began at noon. Yup. Noon. Anyway, we hit the bar and I was introduced to many of the regulars who were there or came in and out. Several of them paused to have a drink with us and one even bought us drinks. It was quite amusing how, after they'd leave, Ang would tell me what they're all about (like getting laid, for example. Move along, buster! *snicker*).

See, Ang really loves me! *snicker snort*

After sucking down three margaritas, we walked to the Co-op. IA City has an awesome co-op that specializes in health foods, organics and unusual things you can't find elsewhere. I was entirely too excited about finding Tiptree lemon curd - it's the best and VERY hard to find here in the states. Yeah, it's a British thing. They also had a nice array of French cheeses that I giddily jumped around about. I got a nice little patchouli plant to put in my garden (yay!) and Ang called me a fucking hippy the rest of the time. So? Whaddaya wanna make of it!? lol! We grabbed some lunch (mmmm...Salmon!) and went back to George's to eat.

After spending most of the afternoon drinking and chatting, we went back upstairs and played with the poog some more. He was great fun. Gus & I played tug-o-war as seen in the pic - yeah, I know it's blurry - there was a whole lotta wiggling going on!

(Total alcohol consumed = 5 margaritas in 3 hours)

He has this blankey (his humpy) which he bites and chews, roots around in and humps. Silly dog. Well, when I pulled out my body pillow (yeah yeah, ok) Gus thought it was his new humpy! LOL! Hey, that's MY humpy, dawg! lol. Gus is a little bandit - he'll steal your lighter and go eat it if you let him, and he did manage to eat about half of my blistex before Ang caught him. The funniest thing he did, though, was talk to his food. The dog actually has a brief conversation with his food before eating it. Funniest damn thing. I tried to get him on video with the digi, but every time I'd poke my head around the corner he'd stop and look at me like "wha?". Such funny expressions. Gus is a doll and I wanted to take him home with me.

When we came back upstairs, Ang made Sloppy Virgins. They contain lemonade, apple juice, vodka and beer. Sounds yucky but they were gooood. We sucked down two pitchers in no time. Now, keep in mind that I'm a lightweight - doesn't take much to get me schnockered at all.

Yep...I was shitfaced. It's all Ang's fault! LOL. She was too. So, what to do? How about some DRUNK BLOGGING! Woot! So, if perhaps you were one of the lucky few who got obnoxious, drunk comments on your blogs from us, we are not responsible. heh

I got to watch Iron Chef for the first time! Woo hoo! What a hoot! Cracked me up and I got to take several episodes home on VHS which I will enjoy thoroughly. We didn't play the drinking game, though....hell, we were already drunk.

Considering the level of our inebriation, we opted to order in dinner (calzones...mmmm) and just hung out. We finally crashed around ...oh, I dunno - 1? Ang?

Total alcohol consumed in under 12 hours = 5 margaritas, one CUP of vodka and a beer. I think I went to sleep just in time to avoid the spins. heh

Gussie goes in his kennel for the night, so I was greeted at what seemed like dawn by him complaining about the need to evacuate his bladder. After several minutes of burying my head under a pillow, I let him out. Fortunately, there was a pee pad available for him, so I didn't have to face the light of day. He did his bizness and then I put him back in the kennel. He was NOT happy, and continued to file complaints. Soon, Ang roused and came out. We were up for the day. So much for sleeping in. Lucky for me, I don't get hangovers.

We checked to see if there were any responses to our drunken comments - nope. Party poopers. I set Ang up with yahoo IM (weee!) and a new gravatar and then we managed to pour ourselves out the door to go to breakfast. We had a yummy breakfast and I ate toast and potatoes (gasp!) with my omelet du frommage (smoked gouda...mmmm). It felt good to be so bad. lol

Back to the co-op to buy more smelly cheese and 10 freaking pounds of pistachios for Ang (freak! hippy! freak! hippy!) and I got some smelly oils to play with in a purty little blue bottle (hippy!). Easily amused, I know...

About this time is when I discovered I had a parking ticket and a flat time. D'oh! Shit fire. Knowing full well what my chances were of finding a tire shop open on the Sunday afternoon before Memorial Day, I figured I'd just pump it up and head home.

After a while I did just that. I stopped in the Amanas (only 30-40 miles out) and found it half flat again. Damn. I bought an emergency tire repair thing and pumped it up. Headed West again and checked it again about half way - half flat again and I could hear the psssssst coming from it. Fuck. I stressed out and stayed in the right hand lane all the way home. As I slowed down coming into town, I noticed it was shimmying something serious, so I stopped at a station. It was COMPLETELY FLAT. fuck. So, as I pumped it up yet again, the bulges in the sidewall became more and more clear - two huge bubble like bulges in the sidewall as big as a couple of fists. Jeepers! I am SO lucky I din't have a blowout. I limped home on it half inflated. Today, I'm on a donut and get to spend my lunch hour in the tire shop. YAY.

I had a fabulous time with Ang and will have to do that again! I'll continue on with the rest of my hollyday weekend in tomorrows post: Go karting and flowers. weee!


  1. Oh good lord... and I wasn't even drunk yet!!

  2. I love you like that, too, Celti. ;)

  3. I'll have to try that drink sometime. Sounds.. ummm.. interesting.

    How did it get the name sloppy virgin anyway?

  4. Damn shame about that tire; good luck on your part that you got home OK. Nothing worse than a blowout...glad you had a good weekend. I should have guessed that you were drunk when you posted that comment :)

  5. Sounds like a great time. I mentioned this Cooter once, that I spent a summer in IA City, and I really liked it... surprising, 'cause I didn't think a small town would be for me. Glad you two had fun. Nice photos, too.

  6. Hey, it wasn't MY fault (the drinking)... it was really all Celti's. She lies. She drank me under the table. Really. She did. Damn hippies with wooden legs... **toddles off**

  7. Cootera - you were getting there!

    Julz - *big, sloppy, wet smooch* lol

    Pup - Maybe next time I come down! I don't know where the name came from - maybe Cooter knows.

    Omega - the tire thing sucked! Fortunately I didn't realize how bad it was until I was almost home. Um...yeah, maybe a little. ;)

    Tricia - she is adorable, drunk or sober. :)

    Michael - it was! That's cool - IA City is a really cool town. Much more hip than most. thanks.

    Cootera - Actually, I think you held your liquor better than I did. Hell, I couldn't stand at the mirror to take my eyes out, remember? lol! Wooden legs? pffft! Freak! ;)

  8. wow, sounds like awesome fun, Ang is a shitload of fun to hang out with!! hell yeah!!

    especially with a cool french quarter backdrop to her humorous rantings!! Smooches Ang!! hahaha!



  9. Ouch! The flat tire thing sux! Boo Hiss!
    Sounds like you two (three w/poog) had a great time! ;) Sloppy Virgins and Margaritas? Sounds like a hangover to me! (yeah, I know)
    Of course you could've had Orgasms...wha?...I'm only sayin'...sheesch! ;)

  10. Can you post the recipie? I'm all interested in it now.

  11. Se7en - she sure is! It was cool. Next time to the french quartier, I'm coming! :) *poink*

    Aimee - *boink* ;p

    Seamus - Yeah, it sucked, but my luck held out! No hangover, just funny memories. Screaming ones? lol yer so bad! *thwack*

    Pup - 1 frozen lemonade, 1 frozen apple juice, 1 beer, 1 cup vodka. mmmmm. *hic*

  12. sounds like a great visit. Make mine a frozen marguerita qith Cuervo Gold and I'm there

  13. Glad you had a great time, sounds like fun! I haven't had a margarita in ages, I've been branching out from beer, drinking scotch, burbon and JD - rut roh :op

  14. Addendum: no idea where the name for sloppy virgins came from; I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't taste all that alcoholic, but they creep up on you FAST.

    And for the recipe, you gotta thaw the lemonade concentrate (and there's no water added either... that's what the beer's for), and the apple juice just needs to be cold. Now if you make them for Celti, make sure you have ICE!!

  15. Pretty much sums up my weekend too. Drinking WAY before noon and getting shit faced way too fast. LOL It was good times though!

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