May 27, 2005

SASF - Evil Thoughts

Muaaaahahaha! It's Friday, cheeeldren. I'm feeling a little discombobulated, a bit jaded, a smidge frustrated and a lot wicked. Nothing like a good strong dose of evil to knock around a bit.

(my apologies to those with dial-up - this one may take a bit to load)

Found an awesome picture for my profile yesterday. It's from a musical that is coming around, one I'd like to see if I get the chance.

It's up to you to figure out which one I am. heh

This inspired me to contemplate and explore that lovely word, Wicked, so I googled it and here is the first image that came up:

Aaaaahh, it's Rasputin and Kroenen from Hellboy. I love this movie - yes, it's a comic book movie and yes, there is serious cheese factor, but I still love it. Oh, and what an evil pair they are...

That reminds me - did you know that the real Rasputin has a bit of himself on display in a museum? Well, actually, more than a bit - it seems that his naughty bits were quite large. Pickled in a jar for museum goers to ogle... See it here (with story).

I digress. Ahem.

As I continued to google the words wicked and evil, I came up with some rather amusing images:

A lovely tattoo that is scratching at my urge to get a sun or celtic cross. This one is now in the top 3. Loooovely.

A rather amusing symbol for my gender. Another possible tatt...hee hee

The "Evil Twin" - I love this picture. I have it on my wallpaper now. heh. It's more me than Aimee, though...reminds me of myself when I get really pissed off. ;p

Evil Muppets - things are often not as they seem.

Photoshop Fun - Definitive Movies
Though not necessarily evil, decidedly amusing...

This one just made me giggle.

LOVE Walken..

No offense to King fans - I'm one myself, but you have to admit that some of the movies did blow. lol

*snicker, snicker*

More photoshop fun can be found here where they've had tons of fun with "psychochick." Man, I love photoshop.

This blog was found through a link from someone I link to...sorry, can't remember. But it's damned funny and downright irreverent. So wrong, but so right.

Crying while eating. This made me giggle like a dork. I think it's the reasons for the crying that did it for me, like "Sex will never be that good again" or "Not convinced by Anakin's turn to the dark side."

Twisted History - speaks for itself. You can add it to your sidebar to update automatically. Sweet! Found this at a cop's blog, in fact. heh heh


  1. I know Rasputin's great-great-great grandson... *snicker*

  2. Hey Nanner, me too! It was only a one-nighter though. Still makes me limp a bit to think of it....

  3. Oh, that was good! (Crying While Eating.) Here's one I found that I liked: Post Secret

    I link to Blog Jebus, but so does Son of Cheese ... but I'm more than willing to take full credit for it. So, yes. Yes, it was all my doing.

  4. Brilliant! The movie posters are genius. The evil Muppets, too. Have a great weekend.

  5. Great set! I need to get back into the blogging business, I've been a huge slacker lately. Of course with your clock thingee added, your blog rocks:)



    Have a good weekend, Celti-smooch!

  7. Very cool post! I love all the wicked pictures and I'm a huge Gary Oldman fan!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend...

  8. Hahahahahaha!

    What a fantastic array--I especially love the muppets. Grover with a smoke hanging outta his mouth... CLASSIC!


  9. With all this rampant wickedness flying about, is there any hope that there will be life left in "Cooterburg"? I'm jus' sayin'...;D

  10. I'm glad to see that others think that Stephen King jumped the shark a long time ago.

    "Look- it's a cheeseburger. But it's an EVIL cheeseburger. OoOohm it's spooooky..."

  11. TOTALLY gimping the frell out here Celti!! LOVE the movie posters--and yeah, that's what I do when I see Christopher Walken show up out of the blue in a movie, as in Joe Dirt.

  12. Rasputin . . . who knew?

    Lovin' it!

  13. Mornin' Sunbeam! Happy Road Trip ;)

  14. Nanner - so any idea if that unique trait was passed along? lol

    Brighton - oh my! lol

    Happy - yeah, it was a good one. Post Secret is awesome - if I didn't know better, I would think that one of those was from me. scary. I think it was you!

    Michael - thank you! You too, sweets!

    Sean - funny how you slack when you're home with your lady. lol. That clock is awesome, isn't it!? ;)

    ESC - holy shit! LOL

  15. Sharron - thanks, you too!

    Aimee - Grover kicks ass. lol xoxox

    Seamus - story at 10. lol *smoink*

    Omega - bwaaahahaha! Eeeevil cheeseburger!

    Serra - ha ha haha ! Thanks!

    Juno - apparently, Alexandra knew. ;) LOL

    Seamus - it's been excellent so far! thanks. *poke*