May 02, 2005

Great Advice

How to make yourself beautiful:

Go outside, take a deep breath and loudly shout, "Ha!"

Spend an afternoon with an 80-year-old woman and listen to her stories.

...then spend the next afternoon with a four-year-old and ask them to explain something mysterious to you, like the moon or love or why monkeys like bananas so much.

Eat a piece of ripe fruit with infinite slowness.

Roll down a grassy hill again and again until you're dizzy.

Tell a bad joke.

Hug a friend fiercely.

Take a chance.

Help someone out.

Sprint down the block, just because you can.

Throw away your TV.


...some of the best advice I've heard in a while. Thanks, Heather!


  1. y'know...You're likely to end up sic if'n you roll down the hill too much...

  2. Yea, watch out for poop piles too. I did that once and it was no good.

  3. Really great advice. Spend more time listening to the world around you, guess that is where you throw out your tv.

  4. My age has me rolling down the hill fast enough. How about I just throw Mr. Lane down one? That would make me smile. ;)
    Lois Lane

  5. I'm for all of those... except maybe the tv one. How 'bout I just turn it off fer awhile?

  6. Derek- you fatalist! Why you gotta take the fun out of it? LOL

    Pup - oh, good point! Shall I add "inspect hill first"?

    Chris - I thought so. There is some good stuff on there, but not much.

    Lois - LOL! Can I throw mine down there with yours? That would really be a hoot!

    Cootera - that sounds like a great compromise! Tossing it is a bit extreme...

  7. Oh, ok! I'll give some of that stuff a try. Except the hill thing--I'm already dizzy enough.


    Hi Sunshine!

  8. I rolled down a hill once - got so dizzy I fell into the canal - or maybe it was the Scotch...hmmm

    Blow up your TV, throw away your paper, go to the country, build you a home. John Prine

    Peel me a grape, crush me some ice
    Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow
    Dianna Krall


  9. Aimee - I think you can be excused from the dizziness. lol How are you?

    Seamus - right into the canal, huh? I just bet the Scotch had something to do with that. Nice quotes - especially the last one. *smoink*