May 25, 2005

Go to Frickin' BED!

I'm lacking sleep. Yep. For the first time in my life, I'm having trouble sleeping. It SUCKS!

For the last few months, I've been staying up late having fun chatting with people on IM. A lot of my "chatter" friends live on the West Coast, so they have a two hour advantage over me. When it's 9pm thier time and they're ready to chat, it's 11pm my time. Oy.

I've begun noticing the effects of this - knock 2 or three hours of sleep off per night and it catches up with you. So, I made a promise to myself to get to bed earlier. Riiiight. Easier said than done. After finishing up a quick chat with someone last night around 10, I thought I'd pop around the blogs for a few then crash. I fooled around with blogger for a while since it had decided to get a kink in it's tail and not allow access to certain blogs, including my own. Then I read a few that would come up, then I ended up chatting with someone else until damned near midnight. Crap. This morning I am soooo tired.

I used to fall asleep in front of the TV before 10. Although that is lame, why can't I shut my damned brain off before midnight now? Sheesh! Stupid wheels won't stop turning.

I'm in much better shape today emotionally than the last couple of days. I've come to terms with recent events and understand now that it's how it has to be. Circumstances beyond our control and rational, honest minds won't allow feelings and emotions to reign. It's realism at it's starkest - cruel, harsh reality wins again. pffft. Some day I'll get my prize. Now, if I could only get my sleep cycle straightened out and control my damned dreams once I am out. Now that's another challenge entirely. The one I had last night is going to haunt me all damned day, I know it.


  1. You're getting sleeeeeepy.... Sleepy..

    Your eyelids are getting heavier.....


  2. Mayhaps instead of walking today you should take a little nappy-poo. Oh, and don't go and get your sleep cycle straightened out before this weekend; I DO live above a bar. It IS loud until about 2 a.m.

  3. Cootera - I'm bringing earplugs. :)

    By the way, will I have the opportunity to curl up and drool on your shoulder? bwaaahahaha!

  4. I hear a vibrator does wonders for that. ;)

  5. I'm happy to hear you are coping and doing well today. I got a bit freaked yesterday. I tried to come back to your blog to see if things were better and Blogger said you were no longer, "Blog could not be found" WTF I said to myself?! And then I tried again and again. For hours Blogger said that and I worried and stuff. In my head I was willing you to come back to blogland. I guess I should know better than to trust fucking Blogger. I'm glad you didn't close up shop and I'm glad you are doing better. Phew! (wipes sweat from forehead)
    Lois Lane

  6. I'm with Lois on that! I tried visitin' last night and your page was doooown... but lo and behold, here 'twas this mornin'.

    And to answer your question, luv: the only drool I 'low on me bod is from bebes. Even then it's hard for me to not gross out about it!

  7. I too was worried last night when you blog didnt' come up. Stupid blogger.

    My wife also falls asleep in front of the TV. I can usually count on her to nod off around 10:30 and come to bed around 1 am. Your mind is probably going a mile a minute since you're blogging and IMing right up until you go to bed. You need some wind down time of mindless vegging girl! Get off the darn computer at a decent hour and like veg in front of the TV or read or something. You'll be back to your chipper self in no time.

    BTW, Friday and Saturday nights, all bets are off. If you can't stay up late and sleep in on weekends, what good are they?

  8. I've been insomnic myself the past 2 nights..I'm draggin ass big time today. Thank God I have tomorrow off.

  9. Try living on the East Coast honey... PST vs. EST... sux big time. Yeah, what was this dream??

  10. JP - oh yeah, they can really help you unwind. You can use them on your neck and shoulders just like in the ads you see. woot! You brat.

    Julz - a big hairy bufflemonster, coming after me! lol

    Lois - farkin' blogger. I figured a few people would think that I bailed. lol Thanks for your concern.

    Cootera - awww! all righty, I'll try not to drool. lol

    Vince - probably a damn good point. ...but it's my only quiet time after the 4 year old goes to bed. That same 4 year old is the reason I don't get to sleep in on weekends. gah!

    Sharron - aw, I want tomorrow off! Lucky girl!

    Nanner - yeah, we've talked about that. Major suckage. I'll tell ya about it, just you wait. heh

  11. Geezzz...Celti, maybe I'm part of triplets or Quads. I identify with just about everything Nanner and Jeanette blog about and now you. Boy who ever birthed us must have had one helluva time.

    I have been chatting (alot) with a friend on the West coast(I'm East coast) and it is hard to hang up so to speak. I usually make him say good night first because I just have a hard time doing it. My sleep schedule is a little off but it's been worth it.

    Glad you're feeling better. I've been in the doldrums today but could be because of all the rain.

  12. Yay! Blogs are back up! That was pretty frustrating last night.
    Hey! What happened to "I'm going to bed???" :) *smoink*

  13. She never sleeps Seamus... she just goes dormant for a while. Like HAL 9000 or a vampire mwahahahaha.

    So we could have been midnight blog-hopping?
    Dammit! I miss all the fun!

    I'm in the same boat grrrl.
    Damn west coasters!
    We have 3 hours time difference.

    I have many times typed
    on IM from my head hitting the keyboard.

    When I wake up there is always one of those strings of drool from my mouth to the keyboard that stretches and doesn't break.

    So... see you at midnight!

  14. Boo - Yeah, it's hard to cut off those late-night chats when you're having such fun. I've noticed that we seem to be on the same page often. :) Nice to get to know you, sister! lol

    Seamus - yeah, I was so scared you were right about the hungry blogger monster. I'm printing out a hard copy tomorrow...just in case. ;) I've already 'splained myself 'bout that. *smoink*

    Tricia - bwaaahahaha! This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it. *yawn* ... I did fall asleep with my forehead on the edge of the desk once. My chair rolled back and I almost ended up on the floor. woot! I don't drool, though. really. what? shaddup!

  15. (You're cracking me up!)

    I'm awake at the stupidly early hour of 4:00. But that's 6:00 for you, and 7:00 for our east coast friends--where is everyone on IM?!

  16. I've been experiencing the same thing, sleep-wise. Well, sort of. I fall asleep then have crazy dreams and I'm wide awake at 2. Then my alarm goes off and I want to throw it at the wall.

    Nappy Napperson.

  17. Hey there Celti! You can IM me any ol time- at least I'm in Texas, the time difference should help you get to bed at a decent hour, lol.