May 28, 2005

Aye Aye

I'm hanging out at Cootera's this weekend. Let's just say I'll wait a bit to allow some brain cells to recover before I attempt to retell tales of patchouli, wiggling humpy poog, sloppy virgins and George's regulars looking for love. heh

Why the hell am I up so early? Oh yeah...Gus. I'd forgotten about the dog/early morning pee routine. How quickly we forget.

In the mean time, I was tagged by Miss Brighton to provide the following information for your amusement:

1) Number of films I own on DVD/video: hmmmm...probably 50-75

2) The last film I bought: Star Wars "Clone Wars" for D.

3) The last film I watched: The Full Monty (yeah, I know...I'm behind). Loved it!

4) Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
The Big Lebowski
Sling Blade
O Brother Where Art Thou?
The Princess Bride ("aaaasssss yoooouuuu wiiiiiish")

5) Tag 5 people and have them put this in their journal:
Nah, I don't have a vindictive bone in my body this morning. Take the baton if you want it. :)


  1. Lucky girls... I'm so jealous!

  2. I love you for so many reasons, but right now I love you most for #5. :)

    Glad you had a fabulous time; glad you made it home safely.

  3. Pssst!! Hey, check out my new gravatar thingey!! Ain't it just like me? The gesticulation, the mouth wide open? Heh heh...

  4. Hey... where is it? It showed up at Restless Angels' when I did the meme thing... Boo hoo!!

  5. Mornin' Sunbeam ~ Wha? Back so soon? Sounds like you girls were having an awesome time ~ sorry I missed out on the IM Sat. nite :(
    BTW ~ Danica Patrick ROCKS!!!!!!

  6. Derek - Nope, it was too late. Once Gussie was up, it was over. lol
    Go have a salad! LOL

    Tricia - when are YOU coming to visit? :)

    Aimee - :) I don't usually like to stick people with that crap. We did have a fabulous time, and you'll hear about my nail-biting trip home. *smooch*

    Cootera - be a good girl and set up your image in your profile for all the world to see. Right now, it's just haloscan, baby. You can do it! The pic is perfect for you! :)

    Seamus - sorry about the screen *wipe, wipe*. hee hee. Yep, you missed out. We had a blast. I'll be posting about it probably tomorrow. Danica does rock, but what brought her up, you goof? *smoink*

  7. Happy happy Joy joy! I'm doing a happy dance in your honor today.

    Ok, now I'm really going to study... Back atcha soon.


  8. You two oughta have a blast together. Can't wait to read all about it!
    Lois Lane

  9. ok, i wont call it jealousy exactly... just a real true desire to be there too lady.

    celti, i know i've lurked ya before and we cross each other in comments constantly but THIS time i'm not just lurkin, i'm linkin!

    thank you hearts-on for great commenting, good posts, and wonderful friendships. tell cottie-ang i'm bringin the ingredients, it be dang near pardy time.

    so nice officially meetin ya celtic sis!

  10. Come cook naked with me in the moonlight.


    Cooking in the Moonlight

    We get it on most every night
    When that moon is big and bright
    Its a supernatural delight
    Everybodys cooking in the moonlight

    Everybody here is out of sight
    They don’t bark and they don’t bite
    They keep things loose they keep it tight
    Everybodys cooking in the moonlight

    Cooking in the moonlight
    Everybodys feeling warm and bright
    Its such a fine and natural sight
    Everybodys cooking in the moonlight

    We like our fun and we never fight
    You cant cook and stay uptight
    Its a supernatural delight
    Everybody was cooking in the moonlight

    Cooking in the moonlight
    Everybodys feeling warm and bright
    Its such a fine and natural sight
    Everybodys cooking in the moonlight

  11. Aimee - :D

    Lois - it was a goood time.

    Magz - when are you coming through? I've linked you too, girl - nice to "meet" you!

    DQ - hee hee! Wouldn't that be fun. You goof!