January 25, 2006

Blasted Bureaucracy

Google won't sell us out, right? They're my search engine of choice, and I have g-mail. They wouldn't, right?





  1. oh come on now... do you really think Google would sell you out?

    well, maybe if the money is right they would. ;)

  2. What!? You mean a company located in the heart of the Clifornioa tech pit would be interested in making scads of money by selling out? I can't believe......oh wait. I'm shocked they haven't already!

  3. Google won't sell us out--BushCo will just direct the NSA to hack into Google's cache w/o a warrant for each and every one of us just because we're broaching the subject publicly and might be threatening to blow up a historic landmark.

    Just as an aside--I think the Darwin, Minnesota twine ball is the ultimate source of all evil, and should be encased in a huge block of Lucite™.

    For yet another take on this which I wholeheartedly agree with is a political cartoon that Bruce Sterling posted on Beyond the Beyond today.

    Just remember...you aren't being paranoid if THEY really ARE out to get you!

    "They're here already! You're next, you're next!"

  4. Cootera - they're holding firm so far. Let's keep those fingers crossed.

    Denny - I would certainly hope not! lol

    Pete - yeah, I know...but one can hope, right?

    Spc - You're probably right. This blog has already been visited by the dept. of homeland security since I mentioned terror*sm (don't really care to have a return visit. lol). That cartoon is hilarious and scary all at the same time. Now...were you drinking at 3pm? ;)