January 13, 2006

SASF v.1.13 - Balderdash!

Today is another loverly Friday the 13th. I refuse to cower in fear of the horrible things that might happen today. Rubbish! 13 is one of my lucky numbers. Ooooh, and it's a full moon today! Woot! It may as well be a holiday for me. ;p

Friday the 13th
Ever wonder why the 13th? ...or rather why Friday the 13th?

Well, across continents and centuries, Friday the 13th has long been regarded as an unusually unlucky day. Legend has it that calamity is likely to come on this day, bringing bad luck and ominous misfortune. In modern times Friday the 13th has become more a source of amusement than true fear, but many still avoid certain activities even due to lighthearted superstition. Most will hesitate before marrying, starting a new job or moving on this day . However, why Friday the 13th came to be viewed as a day to beware remains a mystery to many.

The Devil's Dozen
Why all the fuss about Friday the 13th? The legend has roots in history for a couple of reasons – both the number thirteen and Fridays are depicted in Christianity as sinister. The number thirteen alone is loaded with drivelsuperstition. Many hotels skip the 13th floor and airlines often do not number the aisle thirteen. What's the fuss all about?

The origin of the unlucky thirteen is linked to the belief that there were thirteen people at The Last Supper before Jesus' crucifixion. The thirteenth person was Judas, the betrayer. A Norse myth also tells of a feast of twelve, interrupted by a thirteenth uninvited guest. The result was a struggle, resulting in earth plunging into darkness. (Yeah, and much of it is still there.)

Freaky Fridays
The same goes for Fridays...they have a very unlucky history in Christianity. The crucifixion of Jesus is said to have taken place on Friday. The same goes for the fall of Adam and Eve, and the Great Flood. Did they even call the days Monday through Sunday then?

Just the Facts, Ma'am
Studies show an increase in traffic accidents on Friday the 13th despite there being fewer cars on the road. Hospital emergency rooms are busier, too. It seems that the day is unlucky for some. Psychologists attribute this to the heightened sense of anxiety experienced on this day, making accidents and illness more likely to occur.

Don't be paranoid - enjoy your Friday!


Cy, short for Cyclopes, was a kitten born on December 28, 2005 with only one eye and no nose. The kitten was born in Redmond, Oregon. Cy, a ragdoll breed, died after living for only one day. It was one of two in the litter with its sibling born normal and healthy. Poor little guy. He probably had other deformities that prevented him from surviving. I wonder if ragdolls are prone to anomalies such as this - I had a ragdoll cat that had seven toes on her front paws.

(By the way, although this is rumored to be a hoax, Snopes.com says it's true.)

Proud Celti Keeps On Burnin'

Last night I had a dream that I was riding around all over town on my big wheel. I was stopping to see friends, shopping, all the things I would normally do, but traveling by big wheel. Yeah. People were giving me funny looks and asking me about it, and I would smile and wave like it was nothing unusual. I woke up very perplexed.

Piping Hot

Piping Hot

50 Ways to LeaveUse Your iPod

These are quite clever. I don't have an iPod, but I do have an mp3 player, so I can certainly relate.

A couple of faves:

Relive the good old Walkman days
If you pull the guts out of an old Sony Walkman, you can stow your iPod in there and wear it around pretending it's 1987 all over again. Hipster chic!

Disguise it as Breath Mints
The iPod shuffle is so small that it fits nicely within a case of Altoids. Punch a hole in the top for your headphones, and people watching you listen to an Altoids tin will think there's something curiously wrong with you.


Who's Your Happy Bunny?
brought to you by Quizilla

heh - this could be a slogan for just about any persons blog.

It's Not a Tooomah, Really.

Seems the Governator of the land of fruits and nuts thinks he's exempt from a law or two. He crashed his motorcycle (and it has a side car - how freakin' hard can that be?)resulting in 15 stitches in his lip and it was discovered that he is not licensed to ride a motorcycle. ...and he had a police escort. Sheesh!

Holy Hasselhoff!

A 13 FOOT statue of David Hasselhoff was created for the upcoming Spongebob Squarepants movie.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Callin' You Out!

A request from me, people...

It's national "delurking week" this week, so I would LOVE to see my comments filled with new, bright, shiny faces telling me who you are, saying hi, or telling me to sod off. Whatever! Now, damnit, there are approximately 175 of you that come here EVERY DAMN DAY, and I get 10-20 comments. That's pathetic, so speak up people!

That's all I've got for today, my beloved. Except for the fact that I feel compelled to inform you that


Love ya!



  1. Christ, the Arnie thing is hilarious, but that statue of The Hoff is just beyond my fucking mind! I'm nose-diving here!

  2. My happy bunny said "It worries me how dumb you are" Nice bunny.

  3. Today is my brother's birthday so that cancels any of that other rubbish! I got the same bunny as you! And that Hasselhoff thing is just... frightening!

    The kitty thing, oh... if that's true, that is so sad.

  4. What's all this fuss I keep hearing about Frying the 13th? Why can't you bake it? Broiling does nicely too! Even slowcooking in a crockpo...

    What's that? FRIDAY the 13th, you say?


    (This from one who proudly ADMITS he was BORN on Friday the 13th!)

    Might have to take you up on the de-lurking thing...come out of my armor,as it were. Remember, though...you asked for it, and don't say I didn't warn ye! ;)

  5. That David Hasselhoff statue is the most terrifying thing I have seen this Friday the 13th.

  6. Ok, I'm pissed that I'm not on your little map thingy....

  7. Oh, from what I know, the 13th guest at the Norse throwdown was supposed to be Loki, the ole trickster god who is ultimately responsible for the end of the world.

    Not that I read Norse mythology, or anything....

  8. Aaahhhhhhnie, is frequently hilarious. His Hasselness, however, made me choke on my coffee. :p

    Serra - yeah, bunny tends to have a "'tude" from time to time. heh

    Denny - Yay!

    Nanner - Happy b-day, bro. It is sad about Cy. At least he got famous in his short life.

    Spc - Vendredi Saute. lol Awesome birthday trivia. Hmmm...but you don't lurk. Sooo...should I check my mail? :)

    Julie - indeed, for me, too.

    JP - Um...put yourself on there, then!Please do!

    Omega - Loki, eh? Excellent. What I've read of it (not much) was quite interesting.

  9. Nah...nothing so in-depth. Just look at the latest post on RFG...but do it before midnight tomorrow! You might be looking at a pumpkin!

  10. i've got a fever...

    my happy bunny is, apparently, "cute, but psycho. things even out." ha ha! it is true. i am a crazy head.

  11. I need me a one eyed kittie! It coule be used to put the kids into bed without a fight.
    "Hey you two! Get into bed right now or I'm getting the cat out!"