January 23, 2006

Wiring Wizardry

You know, I like to think that I'm pretty good at putting things together and hooking things up. I will admit, however, that I'm one of those people that does it and then reads the instructions if it doesn't work (except for furniture and hot wheels tracks - ALWAYS read those instructions first! lol). When it comes to TVs, VCRs, DVD Players, surround sound systems and the like, I get a little lost.

Well, our home entertainment system has me completely mystified. It works quite well, but depending on what you want to do, you have to know the secret combination.

If you want TV, just turn on the tube. Simple.
If you want to play a tape in the VCR, set the TV to channel three, put the tape in and press play. Simple.
If you want stereo sound with the movie, turn on the stereo and put it on LD. Fairly simple.

If you want to play a DVD, however, it's a whole new ball game.
You have to...
Turn on the TV
Set it to channel 3
Turn on the Stereo to LD
Turn on the DVD player
Put in the disk
Press play
Turn on the VCR
Start playing a tape on the VCR
(at this point, you'll have VCR picture, but DVD sound)
Hit Stop on the VCR (you should now have DVD picture)
Turn the volume all the way down on the TV (it's just fuzz)
Adjust volume on the stereo for your sound

It will NOT work if you forget any of these steps.

Now, I do NOT take responsibility for this. One of Chris' friends hooked it up (Johnny Spankmonkey, in fact, for those who remember him).

I thank my lucky stars that the computer, monitor, printer, answering machine and all of that other shit isn't wired into this nightmare.

I don't DARE unplug anything for fear that nothing would work from that point on.
It's simply amazing.


  1. Your dvd player is wired to the vcr which is wired to the tv.
    Thats wrong.
    The tv ( if it was built anytime in the last 20 years) should have hookups for multiple source. Plug the dvd player into the tv direct.

    Or buy a new tv.

  2. OR...

    simply spend about 9 bucks for a multiple input switcher at Radio Shack.

    Them's too many steps.

  3. I'm the designated electronics wiring guy because I'm the only one in the family that can understand linear flow, you know, like in from the cable company to the VCR, out of the VCR and in to the TV. My parents had my brother try and hook up a new DVD player and he totally hosed it up. In 10 minutes I had everything connected and working properly.

    It should be relatively simple to hook that stuff up depending on the type of TV you have. If it has seperate video inputs, the DVD goes into the Video jacks. VCR should stay as set up.

  4. I have a combo dvd and tape machine which is suppose to allow me to copy tape onto dvd's. Hah! I've had it a year and still don't know how to do it.

  5. When I used to work at Target people would call me and ask me how they should hook up their dvd players and shit like that. I was like, "hey, I just sell this junk!" But somehow, I got good at walking them through it over the phone. Scary.

  6. I set up my sister's TiVo and she was all impressed... all I did was follow the instructions. The impressive part is that I normally skip that.

  7. Our TV was made only 10 years ago, and I ended up going the multiple switch route, but I'm still not up to speed on it, as, to make a long story short and non-technical, the audio cables I had for the VCR made the TV all wavy and distorted (darned interference!). Hence, our TV setup is just as mixed up right now! Maybe after our tax rebates come in...HAH

  8. Shoot the TV, buy a pack of cards.

  9. Sounds like a logistical nightmare. But I'm pretty attached to my TV and DVD and TiVo so I say "hold you breath, push the button and pray it all works". What else can a girl do.

  10. I simply gave up and bought anice set o fsurround sound speakers to go with my computer. Combined with my 21 inch monitor it makes for pretty slick viewing. And since it's chilly I don't get all the spouse launched questions
    "Who's he?"
    "Why are they chasing that guy?"
    "Wasn't he driving a car there before?"
    "Where did her clothes go?"

  11. Gah! I've been so freakin' busy at work I have hardly had time to glance at blogland! (hence, the reason why I'm responding to comments at 6:30am. *yawn*)

    Jamie - I get that, but how does the stereo figure into the mix? Yeah, a new TV is on the horizon, I'm afraid.

    Derek - oooh, that sounds like a cool idea. indeed!

    Vince - I understand linear flow, but this seems to be very circular! It's the stereo that trips me up.

    Denny - Good luck with that. lol

    E-lo - hmmmm...perhaps if I call you...lol!

    Michael - come do mine, m-kay? :D

    Spc - Yeah, that's sounding like the best alternative. We have the same issue with the VCR as well. Rebates? Bwaaahahaha!

    Owl - ha! I have a pack of cards, but they won't give me Lost.

    Boo - It sure is. You have to "hold your mouth right" when you do it. lol

    Pete - We have a kickin' surround sound system on the 'puter, so we never use the stereo for music. Hey! I get those questions, too - my answer is normally "shaddup & watch". lol