January 03, 2006

Siss, Boom, Bah

Well, it's 2006 and I've finally recovered from the weekend...I think.

We shipped the little one off to Grandma's on Saturday and had a party New Years Eve. You know, they say it isn't really a party until somebody breaks something - well, it really was a party. One of my kitchen chairs did not survive and neither did our cordless phone (which served as a projectile and ended up in several pieces).

We had about 10 friends over, feasted on shrimp, lobster and various cheeses and drank far too much. Unfortunately, the ratio of guys-to-girls was off a bit and, by midnight, I ended up being the only female in the house. Between arm wresting matches on my portable dish washer, alcohol fueled hot-blooded disputes that nearly came to blows and the shameful indignity of my poor 8' blow-up snowman who had a "train" performed on him, it was quite a night. I nearly drowned in testosterone. Eee gads.

As a side note, I do have to say that it was quite an eye-opener when the contruction workers started pulling off their shirts and flexing. ...and me without batteries in my camera. damn! *snicker*

Oooh ooh, but I DID get kissed by three different men at midnight. hee hee

The next morning, we fell out of bed around 11am. Our sluggish feelings were not helped by the nasty colds we both have, and we had a terrible time getting "in gear." We watched The 40 Year Old Virgin (quite entertaining, by the way) and, after about 3 cups of coffee and a Red Jak, I went to pick up the D-man.

Throughout New Years day, I started noticing the itching. Gradually getting worse, the palms of my hands itched. By the end of the day it was clearly not a case of mild itching - I'm talking more like looking for a really stiff brush to scratch the shit out of it itching. I washed and washed them, applied lotions and creams and, after a call to my Dr. sister-in-law, tried some Claritin that I had in the medicine cabinet. After about an hour, it was clear that the itching was due to an allergic reaction. Gah!

Several hours later, the itching fired up again and I've been popping Claritin about every 6 to 8 hours since then.

The only "wierd" or unusual thing that I have eaten in the last week or so was the lobster. I shudder at the thought that I may have developed an allergy to shell fish because I LOVE it. I am, however, a little nervous about trying it again, but it's the only way I'll know for sure. No new lotions or soaps or anything could be the culprit. Dang, that's going to suck if that's what it is.

The hands are still a littly itchy today, but it's nothing compared to the previous two days. Just like Dr. SIL said - 48 hours.

I went back to work this morning to a new boss (so far so good), new duties (yes, in addition to the old ones) and my office overrun with a flutter of activity. Oh well, it makes the day go quickly.

So, it was an itchy-scratchy, busy, testosterone soaked start to the new year for me. How was yours?


  1. My NY beginnings were a little on the SNOTLY side... but I felt mo' bettah good when Victor made me a pomegranite martini at brunch and Mark made me an asparagus and brie omelet. Then two more martinis...

    Life is good on the hill.

    Happy New Year, sweetheart!!!!

  2. Happy New Year, sweet pea!!

    Uhmmm...I fell asleep at 12:15 so...that should tell ya how exciting mine was. LOL!

  3. We got ours off to a rough start, but it's definitely on the upswing now.

  4. Quiet sit at home in bed by 12:30am. Sounds like you had a good time though, well except for the itching.

    Happy New Year

  5. Decent. Saw the fireworks in Central Park with Rick and the girls, then went home and fell asleep by 1. My kinda New Year. :)

  6. itchy and scratchy palms? normally my grandmother would say definitely a monetary windfall was close. However, given the circumstances, and kissing a bunch of different guys... ummm maybe a allergic reaction to all that kissing? ;)

  7. so did you take YOUR shirt off and start flexing and then get into a fight with any of 'em?

    Maybe that explains the rash.

  8. Happy new year sweetie! Hope 2006 kicks some major ass for ya!! Hell yeah! LOL Hehe, it took me 3 days to get over my alocohol induced stupor, but damn it was fun!


  9. Cootera - oooh, omegranite martinis sound yummy! So does the omelet! Glad to hear it, schweethot.

    JustMe - You too! I SHOULD have gone to bed at 12:15. lol

    Pete - indeed, you did! Glad things are better now. :D

    Jennifer - Sometimes that fits the bill perfectly. :)

    Julz - Oh, that sounds cool. Nice. :)

    Denny - Yeah, I thought of that, but nothing yet! They didn't kiss my palms, silly. lol

    Derek - hee hee - I'll never tell. :p I was just about ready to kick some ass, though, had they not straightened up. No rash, though...just itching.

    Se7en - You too! It had better, damn it, I've got it coming. lol
    Tsk tsk, bad boy. Glad you had fun & I'm totally envious!

  10. So you have rash hands? I mean, hands with a rash. Or... what do I mean?

    Are you sure you didn't drunkenly armwrestle some poison ivy? I'm damn sure I've spent the odd drunken night harrassing a pot plant or two, if you catch my drift.

    But, very glad that you're making back into (sur)reality. Happy 2006! :D

  11. Ok, the nurse is chiming in. Taking extra claratin will do you no good. Try benadryl. If your worried about being drowsy, try tagamet. It's also a histamine blocker. Here's hoping your not allergic to shellfish!

  12. Sorry about the itch. Try not to scratch, I know it's not easy but will only make it worse.

    My New Years was spent playing Sorry! with my bro and sis in law. We laughed til I almost peed my pants then we fell asleep around 10:30.

  13. We had a quiet one here--we split a bottle of Asti between four of us and were in bed by 1.

    For the itchies, try throwing some oatmeal and chamomile in a bag and use it as a bath tea.

  14. Owl - no rash, just itching. Itchy hands not nearly as fun as JAZZ HANDS. Never mind. lol
    No poison ivy either - with all my allergies, ironically enough, I seem to be immune to the noxious weed. Not immune to that other weed, though. ;) *snogs*

    Jamie - Actually, the Claritin did help, but it's all cleared up now thank heavens! Thanks for the input, though! I hope not, too. meep!

    Boo - Oh, but scratching it felt oh so good. lol
    Hey, I used to LOVE Sorry! Sounds like a fun night.