January 17, 2006

Kingdom of Vodka Lemonade

Well, peeps, Celti got sloshed last night. Yep. On a Monday. I know, I know...
I stirred up a pitcher of vodka lemonade (sweetened with Splenda so no carbs! Yay!) to share with Chris while we watched "Kindom of Heaven" (not bad but a little slow, then again there's the Orlando factor to keep interest up. lol). It was mighty tasty and went down smoother than it probably should have. Next thing I knew, I was slurring my words, smiling entirely too much, and my ears were all red and hot.

On a completely different subject, I feel compelled to say HOORAY for Lost winning the Golden Globe! Woot!

Sooo...what better time than now to fill out the lovely questionnaire I snagged over at Sid's? heh

1. Have you ever been drunk? Um...see above.
2. How old were you the first time you got drunk? 16, I believe, on Mad Dog 20/20
3. Have you ever gotten/given digits while intoxicated? Yes, but they weren't always mine. lol
4. Have you ever drunk dialed? Oh Yes
5. Have you ever been drunk in front of family members? Unfortunately
6. Have you ever had to cover up the fact that you were drunk? Yes, indeed.
7. Have you ever been arrested for any alcohol related crime? NO *knocks on wood*
8. Have you ever hooked-up with someone while drunk? Yes (I'm so ashamed)
9. Ever forgot their name? No! It was....uh oh.
10. When was the last time you were drunk? See above. heh
11. Have you ever been on a drunken binge? Oooooh, yeah.
12. Do you need alcohol to have a good time? No, but it's a bonus.
13. What kind of alcohol gets you the most intoxicated? Probably Tequila.
14. Favorite liquor: Hmmm...favorite drink is a White Russian. But for favorite liquor, I'd say Bailey's Irish Creme.
15. Favorite beer: Don't have one - not much of a beer fan. Does hard cider count?
16. Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking and found out that you were still drunk? Yes, but it's been a long time since I've done that.
17. Have you ever swam drunk? yes, indeedy.
18. What kind of a drunk are you? sloppy, happy, funny, flirty drunk.
19. Is alcohol like "truth serum" to you? Yes, it is. Get me sauced up and I'll tell you exactly what I think. heh
20. Favorite drinking partners: Jose and Captain Morgan. lol
21. Favorite bar? Hairy Mary's. Put on your shit stompers and mosh! lol
22. Have you ever completely blacked out? Not that I know of.
23. Have you ever puked from drinking? yes, but only a few times. I usually pass out first.
24. Have you ever had the 'crying drunks'? Nope.
25. Can you still do physical activity while intoxicated? Most of the time - depends on the level of intoxication and the specific activity.
26. Have you ever gotten into a drunken fight? Yes, but it's normally me yelling at a drunken fool to straighten the hell up. lol
27. Who is the most annoying drunk that you know? Chris' friend Mike. He's all loud and obnoxious and touchy-feely.
28. Who is the most flirtatious drunk? Well, probably Mike. He can't keep his hands off me when he's drunk.
29. Do you have a drunken nickname? Not really, but it used to be Peppermint.
30. Have you received a booty call? yesss
31. Funniest drunken scene: that would be the time that I crawled up on the hood of this jerk's car and peed on it.
32. Favorite song(s) about drinking: "Baby, I'm Drunk" by The Reverend Horton Heat or "Brain Stew" by Green Day
At this point, number thirty-three is missing from the list. Apparently, the person who wrote this was drunk at the time. lol
34. Have you ever been hit on by someone decently older? Decently? Well, not decently, but I've been propositioned by a few that could easily be my father. erg.
35. What's the worst 'buzz kill'? Having to talk to the cops and act like you're not drunk.
36. Have you ever dated a bartender or bouncer or cocktail waitress? No, but a DJ...yes. :)
37. Do you ever say to yourself, "Fuck, I need a Beer"? Well, no, but I've said "Fuck, I need a drink!" many times.
38. Do strangers ever buy you drinks? Some times. They rarely get what they want for it, though. ;)
39. Have you ever drank too much? What kind of an idiotic question is this? Duh...
40. Is there anything you refuse to drink? Nasty, cheap beer.
41. Have you ever been drunk on a plane? Ooooh yes. Spending 4 hours alone in a bar at JFK waiting for a flight to Europe will do that to you.
42. Have you ever gotten drunk during the day? many times.
43. Have you ever had to run from the cops and leave the beer behind? Yes, in college. yikes!
44. What's your favorite drinking game? Cooteras Iron Chef game!
45. Have you ever injured yourself while drunk? Other than a scraped knee, I think my brain suffered the most injuries.
46. What's the most destructive thing that you have done while you were drunk? Blew up a toilet.
47. Ever been drunk at a concert? many time.
48. Is this survey getting too long? yes
49. Are you ready for the last question? YES!
50. Why do you drink? Now, no matter what I say here it will sound bad, but here goes: because it feels goooood. :)


  1. I can answer "yes" to many of them, namely... let's just say a lot. ;)

  2. I so need to get drunk to do this quiz!!

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