January 31, 2006

Sabotage! ...& stuff

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Mood: Awesome

There have been all kinds of things going on, but, alas, work has been keeping me too busy to blog about it. Grrrr. I've been taking notes, so never fear, I have several little tidbits to talk about this morning.

This past weekend was a hoot. The D-Man had two birthday parties to go to, so I got to spend both Sat. and Sun. afternoon with large groups of wiggling, squealing 5 year olds. We had fun, though, and got some cool ideas for future birthdays for him.

Speaking of parties, I ran across an article the other day that stirred up my interest - pudding parties. It seems there was a big scandal when campus police at a popular university discovered several naked kids cavorting around in a dorm room filled with pudding. Apparently, this kind of thing has caught on around the country, and pudding parties are busting out all over. I have to say that I'm intrigued. I think banana would be my pudding of choice. Hey! You could throw in some peeled bananas and... never mind. heh.

Anyone want to bid on an "anatomically correct" carrot? bwaaahahaha!

I want this shirt:

Buy it for me here. Do it. lol

Chris' buddy is redesigning his boss' website. He uses a thumb drive to bring in images and such to discuss, and couldn't find a USB port on the boss' computer. He asked the bosses wife, who knows EVERYTHING (just ask her) if they had any computers with USB ports. Her response? No, they're all DSL. bwaaahahaha!

Watched Reefer Madness last night. It's "an outrageous tongue-in-cheek musical comedy adaptation of the classic 1936 anti-marijuana propaganda film." I nearly wet myself from laughing so hard while watching the "Listen to Jesus, Jimmy" number (well done and surprisingly non-blasphemous). Jesus is introduced by your host, a smokin' hot Joan of Arc ("No christian martyr works it harder!"). I was most giddy when I discovered that it stars Alan Cumming, whom I adore. It was freakin' hilarious. ...and you don't have to be a giggle-stick smoker to appreciate the humor.

...and now, the SABOTAGE! It's treachery, I tell ya. My loved ones are trying to hinder my weight loss efforts! Anyone who reads here often knows that I've been trying to lose weight. I've lost a bunch, but still have more to go. Well, it seems that is a bit disconcerting for a few unnamed peeps - they must like Celti fat & sassy! Well, BAH! I say. They serve potatoes and noodles when I come for dinner, and then my favorite desserts. Gah! They buy the mixin's and tempt me with white russians (very hard to resist, I tell ya). They buy ice cream! They bring things like cake, and pie and chips with cheese dip into the office! Blaaaaarrrrgh! I will not let them! I will resist! I can do it! (this is where you come in with the encouragement, ya know. lol). Noooooooo!
Step away from the chocolate!

Ok...now that I have that out of my system, oh wait - hold on.
I will not go in the break room.
I will not go in the break room.
I will not go in the break room.

Ok...got it. I'm good.
Oh hell, my stomach just growled.

UPDATE 2:05 pm.

As I type this, my best friend's daughter is undergoing emergency open heart surgery. She has had terrible heart problems since she was born, and this isn't her first surgery, but it's always dangerous and worrysome. She is 4 years old and such a sweetheart. Please include Elizabeth in your prayers or send some good energy/healing power/whatever you have for her. thank you.


  1. Trail mix and water. Thank me later. Heh.

  2. trust me, that stomach growling is the food devil tempting you. When all else fails he resorts to making you make noises so it embaresses you in front of your co-workers... ;)

  3. Foul tempters and temptresses! A pox on them and thier kin! How dare they try and draw you away from the path of reduced waistbands and svelt dresses.

  4. I want the shirt, too. Serious geek love shirt. :)

    Lots of prayers and white light being sent her way. Hope all goes well.

  5. Jamie - actually, it's usually sunflower seeds or beef jerky & water. ...but I'll keep that in mind. :)

    Denny - you're right! He's a pest, isn't he!?

    Vince - Eh, they've all got their own waistband issues. I think they're jealous. lol

    Spc - Must.have.the.shirt. Thanks, hon, new post about it today.

  6. che bella flapjacks ai yiaaaahhhhh mi piace moltoes n flapjacks qui en payammas a rio ridgee amen corinne amen awoman 1 1/2 in paquetina amen amen

  7. Prayers for Elizabeth, poor baby... and i'm right there with you battling the bulge, but remember, we're responsible for what we put in our mouths. (I know what you mean though, it seems evil even sometimes, doesn't it!?)

  8. TRES CEE - um... ooooh kaaaay. lol

    Mitchypoo - thanks. Temptation is an evil thing! Gah!