January 12, 2006

HNT - Speed Racer


It's that time again, friends and neighbors!

Ahhhh, the morning drive in to work. The sight you see here is, indeed, a rare sight. This road is normally teeming with vehicles. It's a bit odd that I have a nice open road in front of me here, but I like it. vroom vroom! Hey, there's my favorite Vietnamese place on the right where they have pressed ducks hanging all over the place. Great stuff. Quack.

Is it just me or does the sky look kind of surreal? Wierd.

Anyhoo, I think it's interesting to observe the differences in how people do things - like hold the steering wheel. This is my typical grip - splayed out wide for maximum turning dexterity and a good handle on it. Might come originally from my racing days - left hand firm on the wheel, right on the stick. heh.

People who hold the wheel with both hands on "3 o'clock and 10 o'clock" crack me up - it's like they're scared that they'll lose control. Some people do the casual one hand at the bottom of the wheel. To me, that's not adequately prepared for manuvering if some idiot pulls a fast one on you. ...and then there are those who drive with their knee. tsk tsk

Ok...I've analyzed this way too much. lol

Happy HNT, peeps!

The Queens are coming (but probably after SASF. lol)


  1. Celti girl a lot of the times I don't have either hand on the wheel, but am using my knee.

  2. I want to say so much about that hand... but I'll have to settle for lovely rings. :D

    It is a weird sky. But, it looks as though you drive to work through Los Santos from GTA: San Andreas. Now that's freaky weird!

  3. I'm ambi-dexterous. I can use both hands but never at the same time.

  4. it's 2 and 10, lady, not 3 and 10.

    2 and 10.

  5. Hey, I always drive with BOTH knees on the wheel... er, rather, under it...

  6. Jenn - tsk tsk! (shhh, I do it, too, sometimes)

    Owl - What? Like it's beefy? What are you trying to say? ;) Wow, you're right! It does look like Los Santos. Freaky! Unlike on GTA, though, I did NOT run over any pedestrians. lol

    Denny - So can I. Neener neener. lol

    Derek - Oh, OK, scaredy cat.

    Cootera - mmm hmmmm. Not with those legs, honey, unless you're a contortionist...heeeey!?

    nosouthernbelle - thanks!