January 15, 2006

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

blub blub blub, what a lazy day.

Slept until 10:30 - huzzah!

Got up & made breakfast for everyone. Egg sammiches for the boys and a garlic-cheese omelet for me. ...and bacon. Mmmmmmm, bacon. :p

Drank coffee. Foglifter. Still foggy.

Blogged & grinned like mad because I made someone happy - possibly made their day. :D Also got to see another blogger's face for the first time - squeee! Hooray for decloaking.

Played with the dog.

Drank more coffee - fog successfully lifted.

Played Jimmy Neutron with the D-man.

Did LOTS of reading (frequently interrupted, of course, but nonetheless...) and lounged around in various states of pajamadom & forms of undressed-ness.

Played with the dog some more.

Made a late lunch.

Took some pictures that might do quite nicely for HNT.

Blogged a little more.

Played with the dog some more. She's insatiable.

Read some more. Soooo close to finishing this book.

Now, I fancy a nap, but it is not to be. Going over to the in-laws for dinner, so perhaps, now that it's 4, I should get dressed. heh.

It's a beautiful day. I think the D-man and I will stop at a park and play for a bit on the way to Grandma's. Yeah.

The dog is currently sitting on the couch staring at me with a rather inquisitive look on her face. Perhaps she'd like to go to the park as well.

Happy Sunday, all.


  1. Thanks for the kind words on my unshielded countenance! It's not often I can make a lady go "squeee"! It's nice to know that I still can. :)

  2. What a wonderful day. Nate and I built a mini-snowman!

  3. Wow, you sound so contented. :) Excellent.


  4. Spc - hey, just being honest. ;) Nice to see the face behind the helmet. lol

    Nanner - oh, cool! You have snow? We haven't had any since mid-december. I'm ready for some.

    Owl - It was a very nice day. ...and YAY! :D